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Toast IPL Season With 5 Awesome Themed Cocktails

Crafting IPL-themed Cocktails for the Discerning Fan At Your Next Viewing Party

Let's kick off the cricket season with something that’ll bowl you over. IPL’s not just a tournament; it’s a festival, and what’s a festival without some bespoke cocktails? Inspired by the teams we love (and sometimes love to tease), these concoctions are here to make your IPL nights legendary. Forget the chips and dips; it's time to mix up your watch party with a bit of mixology magic that even the most stoic of umpires couldn't resist.

Bangalore’s Bold Move

For the Royal Challengers Bangalore fans, how about something as spirited and fiery as the team itself? Picture this: a cocktail that captures their essence. Start with a jigger (that’s 50 ml for the uninitiated) of smooth Smirnoff vodka. Add a dash of spicy ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime to mirror their electrifying performances. Throw in a splash of raspberry syrup for that royal colour and sweetness. It’s a drink that says, ‘We’re here to play, and we play in style.’

Crafting IPL-themed Cocktails for the Discerning Fan At Your Next Viewing Party

Mumbai’s High Tide

The Mumbai Indians have a knack for riding the high tides of the game, so let’s craft a drink that’s as balanced and formidable as they are. Mix up 50 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label with a splash of blue curaçao to nod to their iconic jerseys. Balance it out with a bit of fresh pineapple juice and coconut water, bringing in the tropical vibes of Mumbai's shores. It's smooth, it's suave, and it packs a punch—much like the team itself.

Kolkata’s Purple Reign

For the Kolkata Knight Riders, we’re diving deep into their royal purple with a concoction that’s as mysterious and charismatic as the city’s evenings. Shake together 50 ml of Tanqueray gin, a dash of crème de cassis for that deep purple hue, and top it off with tonic water for some fizz. Garnish with a twist of lemon and a couple of dark berries. It’s a cocktail that’s as enigmatic and captivating as a spin bowler's best trick.

Crafting IPL-themed Cocktails for the Discerning Fan At Your Next Viewing Party

Chennai’s Sunshine Swirl

Ah, the Chennai Super Kings. Here’s to the team that brings the heat, literally and figuratively. For them, let’s blend 50 ml Ketel One Vodka with mango nectar to capture the essence of Chennai’s sun-kissed shores. Add a hint of chilli powder for that extra kick and a splash of soda to keep it light and refreshing. It’s a drink that’s bold, bright, and brings a bit of the Super Kings’ sunshine to your glass.

Delhi’s Daring Draft

And then came the Delhi Capitals—young, fearless, and full of surprises. Here’s a cocktail that’s just as dynamic: 50 ml Ciroc vodka for a smooth start, mixed with fresh cucumber juice, and a spritz of lime for that refreshing zing. Top it off with a splash of elderflower cordial for a touch of unexpected sweetness. It’s crisp, it’s innovative, and it’s got just the right amount of edge.

These team-inspired cocktails are more than just drinks; they’re a salute to the spirit of the IPL, capturing the essence of each squad in a glass.


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