Creative Bar Tools Alternatives To Save The Day

Creative Bar Tools Alternatives Cover

Forgot to pack your favourite bar tools on your vacation? Can’t find your cocktail jigger? Too lazy to rewash your cocktail shaker for another round? Or you just don’t have professional bar tools at the moment and want to give the art of mixology a try? Whatever may be the reason, we believe intentions matter the most, and between you and delectable cocktails, there should be nothing standing in your way.

Creative Alternatives For Bar Tools

1. Cocktail jigger alternatives

Cocktail jigger alternatives
You may use common kitchen utensils such as spoons, ladles, egg cups or even a shot glass could work beautifully as measuring alternatives!

2. Cocktail shaker alternatives

Mason jar: Using a clean mason jar or a tumbler with a secure air-tight lid would be our first suggestion. It’s closest to what you can do with a shaker so get that lid on, get your ingredients in and go for it!

Travel mug: Your favourite travel/coffee mug could be sacrificed once for the cocktail, right? Just make sure the lid is securely fit and wash the mug thoroughly afterwards and it would be as good as before, maybe even better with that hint of rum in it.

Food containers: If you are willing enough, use an air-tight lid food container as a cocktail shaker.

3. Muddler alternatives

Rolling pin: clean the rolling pin and use it on its side to muddle your ingredients, it works as well as a muddler. 

Spoon: the back of a spoon could be used to do the same, be careful not to let the utensil slip, maintain a good grip and muddle up!

Any sleek cylindrical thing even like the humble salt shakers could be your saviour and work in your favour here.

4. Bar spoon alternatives

Bar spoon alternatives
Something sleek and lengthy like skewers, clean chopsticks, a spoon turned upside down, a swizzle stick, or anything of the like can be used as a stirring bar tool in lieu of a bar spoon.

5. Juicer alternatives

Just simply clean your hands and go for it! Or you can even use a fork to press against a citrus fruit to extract its juice. Remember to use this over a strainer to avoid seeds or pulp in your drink.

6. Ice tray alternatives

Ziploc bags: Put water in a zip lock bag and freeze it. Then simply take it out, smash it to achieve smaller ice cube-like shapes or blend it gently to get crushed ice and there you go!

Kitchen containers: Clean containers or even utensils like small bowls could be used to freeze ice.

7. Bar strainer alternatives

Bar strainer alternatives
Mesh sieves: A fine mesh sieve is a common item in the kitchen, you may use one or even a tea strainer while pouring your drink.

Fork: A fork or a spoon could be used to hold back the larger ingredients close to the rim of the shaker while pouring the drink.

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