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DIY Decor: 5 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Bottles And Barware

DIY Decor: 5 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Bottles And Barware

When you are a connoisseur of fine spirits and cocktails, you are bound to go overboard with your collection of liquor bottles and barware utilised to prepare delectable mixes. And when you get around to cleaning your home bar or setting it up for a party, you would inevitably realise that there are a lot of old bottles and bar accessories which need to be retired so you can make room for the new loot you keep collecting.

But instead of throwing out all these handpicked items, one way to repurpose them is to upcycle barware and craft interesting decor items that will lend an aesthetic touch to your home bar.

Repurposing or upcycling would also mean that you are able to preserve some of your most cherished items in new ways without having to bid adieu to them. It is possible to make kitschy DIY artefacts and decor artworks out of old bottles, vintage accessories and glassware to highlight these premium products in different ways. Turn this DIY upcycling activity into a fun evening and get your friends and fellow liquor aficionados to participate in making crafts while sipping on delicious cocktails.

Read on below to know about some of the ways in which you can upcycle old bottles and barware as DIY decor options:

Shattered Bottle Art

Wear protective glasses when you go about preparing this piece of very chic looking artwork. You can use champagne bottles or premium wine bottles that are first broken into tiny pieces before creating abstract shapes out of them. Use a strong adhesive or glue to paste the bottle art onto canvas or cardboard and then have it framed so it can be hung above the bar or your kitchen shelf. The showpiece will add a graceful touch to your liquor cabinet and if done well, can turn out to be delightful artwork with just the right amount of sophistication.

DIY Decor: 5 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Bottles And Barware

Vintage Barware Display

When you are in the possession of bar accessories like shakers, muddlers, mixers and jiggers that have either been handed down to you or you have procured at antique sales or flea markets, you can make them a part of your decor to create the feel of enjoying a drink at an actual bar. You can prepare a bar cart and display all these artefacts by arranging them carefully and writing little notes that explain the purpose and function of each of these tools used to mix drinks.

Bottle Chandeliers

Preparing these requires just a tad bit of skill so make sure you embark on this DIY venture with friends who have a little knowledge about electricals and wiring. First, affix a wooden frame, hook or fixture on your ceiling that can carry substantial weight and then prepare a chandelier out of empty whisky bottles by putting LED lights inside. You can use warm yellow bulbs in the chandelier and hang it atop your home bar so the space will be illuminated by bottles that once contained some delectable spirits.

DIY Decor: 5 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Bottles And Barware

Decanter Planters

With old decanters, it is often the case that you want to change them because they have been in use far too long without incurring any damage. At most, the glass will lose its lustre but the container itself remains intact. When you are switching your decanters, you can use the old ones as planters that can hold succulents or other small plants which in turn can be arranged to adorn your liquor cabinet. This is a particularly clever decor idea especially for those bright mornings when you host a boozy brunch at home.

Glassware Candle Holders

For romantic evenings, look no further than old glassware which can be turned into holders containing aromatic candles. Infuse the wax with different fragrances like lavender, lemons, chamomile or other calming flavours if you are preparing the candles at home and pour it into old champagne flutes or glass tumblers. These candles can be used to light up your home when you are hosting a romantic date or an intimate dinner.


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