DIY Mocktail Recipe Gift Cards

DIY Mocktail Recipe cover

If you have mocktail-loving friends, then this gifting idea will surely steal their hearts! These are simple handmade gifts that will hold recipes to craft delicious mocktails. Whether you want to compile 30 recipe cards that they can use for each day of the month or simply a few unique recipes that they will surely love, this DIY guide has got you covered!

DIY Mocktail Recipe Cards: Handmade Gifts for Mocktail Lovers

Popular Mocktail Recipes

Allure of MocktailsBefore we begin on how to make DIY mocktail recipe cards, first you need to compile all the mocktail recipes that you would want to include. While curating mocktail recipes, find simple recipes that can be easily mixed at home and uses minimal ingredients. Whether you gifting this to a seasoned mocktail enthusiast or someone who is beginning to try their hand at mixology, they will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. To get you started, here are a few mocktail recipes that are widely popular:

1. Shirley Temple Mocktail Recipe

Shirley Temple
A simple and stunning drink that’s made with grenadine syrup, citrus and ginger ale. This delectable mocktail is adored by people worldwide. Known for its sweet and delicious taste, mixing this mocktail at home is a breeze. Check out the mocktail recipe:

- Grenadine - 15ml
- Lime Juice - 7.5ml
- Ginger Ale - 150ml
- Ice

- Grab a tall glass and fill it with ice
- Measure and pour grenadine over the ice 
- Next, add freshly squeezed lime juice into the drink
- Top up the drink with ginger ale
- Using a cocktail stirrer, stir the ingredients gently to combine
- Garnish the drink with cherries and serve

2. Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Virgin Mojito
Everybody loves a classic mojito! But this alcohol-free version is just as adored as its counterpart. The refreshing flavours of the virgin mojito mocktail are a total crowd-pleaser. Whether mixing one for a house party or for self-indulgence, this one will not disappoint. Here’s the mocktail recipe for you:

- Lime Juice - 30ml
- Simple Syrup - 30ml
- Mint Leaves - handful
- Sparkling Water or Club Soda - 120ml
- Mint Sprig - 1
- Lime Wedges - 2
- Ice

- Grab a highball glass and add mint leaves into it
- Next add simple syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice into the glass
- Using a muddler, gently muddle the ingredients together to release its juices and aroma
- Fill the glass with ice cubes
- Top up the drink with sparkling water or club soda
- Using a bar spoon, stir the ingredients gently to combine
- Garnish with lime wedges and mint sprig

DIY Mocktail Recipe Cards For Gifting

DIY Mocktail Recipe Cards
Handmade gifting ideas are always thoughtful and will leave a lasting impression. If you have friends who love mixing mocktails, then this gifting idea will definitely make them happy. Gather your list of mocktail recipes and get started! Here’s the step-by-step guide to this handmade gift.

Step 1: Gather The Materials
To get started on the recipe cards, you'll need the following materials:
- Try printing recipe card templates from online design platforms. This will be an easy option as you can choose aesthetically pleasing designs with columns for ingredients and instructions.
- If you prefer the old school way, try getting a few thick papers or cardstock papers.
- All the stationery that you may need like colourful pens, markers, pencils, scissors, stickers, glitters, etc.

Step 2: Design Your Recipe Card
You can skip this step if you are getting a printed recipe card template. 
Brainstorm how you want your card to look. It could have separate sections for ingredients, instructions or garnishes. Or you can let the creativity flow and create a unique layout that reflects your personal style.

Step 3: Starting Writing
Using your chosen materials, start writing the mocktail recipes on the cards. Make sure that your handwriting is clear and legible. If you are using a plain card, then add some colourful illustrations and decorative elements to make it visually appealing. Take your time, don’t rush. Let your creativity flow.

Step 4: It’s Time To Pack It Up!
Now that you have all the mocktail recipe cards ready, organise them in a meaningful way. You could have planned a recipe card for each day or special occasion or by flavour, etc. Put them all together in a beautiful box to present your gift beautifully.

And that’s it! You have your mocktail recipe cards ready. This handmade gifting idea is thoughtful and unique. It allows you to customise your gift to the recipient’s liking adding a personal touch. It also reflects your creative flair and imagination. To sum up, we would like to say that gifting handmade mocktail recipe cards is a fantastic way to delight mocktail enthusiasts and make a lasting impression.