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Drink Responsibly by Mixing Spirits with Herbal Medicines

Alcoholic Spirits and Herbal Medicine Cover

Our lives have been in close connection with alcohol since time immemorial. Before just consuming alcohol as one of the bar drinks, it has been juggling many roles for human civilisation, especially as a medicinal part in connection with herbs. Learn about the historical relationship forged between alcohol and herbal medicines here.

Everything You Need To Know About Herbal Cocktails

1. Tracing the Root of Connection between Cocktail Recipe and Herbal Medicine

Spirits and Herbal MedicineIt is no wonder herbal medicines have existed for a long time, and they are significantly popular for their healing properties. In ancient times, people used to heal themselves using various herbs mixed. At this point, spirits played a greater part. Spirit based cocktails which we are now advised to drink responsibly, such as wine, were used as solvents to extract and preserve appropriately to ensure the effectiveness of the herbs. These mixtures were later consumed as remedies to treat several health issues and ailments.

2. Emergence of the Herbal Cocktails

The drinks we consume nowadays as the best cocktail at any party has a long history. During the middle ages and the Renaissance, the distillation process began exponentially. The distillers started experimenting with the spirits by mixing them with various herbs and medicinal properties. Some herbal products may also be used to infuse spirits with different flavors and aromas, such as ginger, citrus, chiles, or lemongrass. You can use herbs and spices to make cocktails, such as mint, basil, rosemary, or cinnamon. These herbal spirits served as health-related tonics and a way to boost socialisation and pleasure.

3. The Cocktail Revolution

From Apothecaries to the Cocktail RevolutionSince the beginning of the 19th century, cocktails have seen a massive rise. People started experimenting with alcohol with exotic herbal properties. As a result, new forms of alcoholic beverages became known to the world. Even though consumers loved such infusions of spirit and medicinal properties, it saw a major decline in the wake of the industrial revolution. However, after a certain break, mixologists and bartenders have focussed on making herbal cocktails as one of the many options for consumers.

If you are an alcohol enthusiast and love exploring different drinks, you will find herbal cocktails as one of the best cocktails nowadays.

4. Making Herbal Cocktails

Craft Cocktail Recipes with a Herbal Twist
One of the most common herbs used in best cocktails nowadays is mint. You can also add spices to the herbal cocktails for a unique taste and aroma. You can either muddle them or squeeze them into the drink. Since the spirits have a variety, you can use vodka, tequila cocktail, whiskey or any distilled spirits, and for the sweetener, you may utilise simple syrup. Some top herbal cocktails are as follows

- Basil cocktails.
- Cardamom cocktails.
- Cinnamon cocktails.
- Cilantro and coriander cocktails etc.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, mixing spirits and herbal medicine might have worked as a healing property, but you must know the art of creating it appropriately. Since cocktails have evolved over the years, you must learn to drink responsibly and utilise the healthy benefits of such drinks.

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