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Drinking Game: New Year's Eve Countdown Cocktails

new year's cocktails

New Year's Eve is a night where every minute counts and every cocktail turns specific intervals into very happy hours. As we inch closer to midnight on December 31, let us count down with a curated list of cocktails, the first one starting at 2 pm. Each cocktail in our lineup adds a new chapter to your day-long party saga, bringing together flavours, laughter and anticipation. 

So, here's how we can make every moment leading up to midnight absolutely unforgettable:

2 pm: The Icebreaker—Ketel One Citroen & Tonic

The festivities begin at 2 pm with a Ketel One Citroen & Tonic. It's light, invigorating and perfect for welcoming guests if you are hosting. The citrusy zest sets a refreshing tone for the day's events, making it the ideal starter for your New Year's Eve narrative.

3 pm: Black & White Ginger Ale

By this hour, ease into the celebration with a Black & White Ginger Ale. This alcohol-free fizzy beverage, with notes of ginger and citrus, will keep everyone entertained and energetic for the upcoming hours.

ginger ale

4 pm: Johnnie Walker’s Whisky Sour

As 4 pm rolls around, it's time for a nostalgic trip with a whisky sour made with the smooth Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. This sophisticated drink is perfect for relaxing into the evening, reflecting the growing warmth and comfort of the moment before the party picks up.

5 pm: Talisker Toddy

Halfway through our countdown at 5 pm, indulge in the peaty adventure of a spiced toddy made from Talisker 10 Year Single Malt. Keep yourself warm and harbour a pleasant buzz while you await the fireworks.
From 6 to 10, each drink, from the boldness of a classic whisky sour to the effervescence of a midnight champagne toast, builds up to the final moment. So, hold on tight!

6 pm: Inching Closer with Gordon's Gin & Tonic

At 6 pm, with many parts of Europe celebrating the New Year, the music gets louder, the laughter's heartier, and each cocktail is a nod to the year that's been and the one that's about to begin. Join in with a classic Gordon's Gin and Tonic. It’s crisp, refreshing and perfect for toasting to our friends across the seas.

gin and tonic new years

7 pm: Pre-Dinner Aperitif: Ciroc Peach Bellini

As dinner approaches at 7 pm, a Ciroc Peach Bellini adds a luxurious touch. This effervescent cocktail is ideal for whetting the appetite and sparking lively dinner-table conversations.

8 pm: Don Julio Reposado Margarita

If you find yourself sipping a lavish Don Julio Reposado Margarita at 8 pm, perhaps in an upscale lounge overlooking the Burj Khalifa, it’s a sign to stand up and celebrate. With Dubai ringing in the New Year, join the global cheer with this exquisite drink.

9 pm: Classic Baileys Irish Cream

By 9 pm, slow down and indulge in the creamy luxury of Baileys Irish Cream. It's a sweet and comforting choice, ideal for savouring the year’s sweetest moments and preparing for the final countdown.

10 pm: The Bold Hour: Captain Morgan Dark Rum and Ginger Ale 

As the crescendo hour approaches, it's time for something bold. Captain Morgan Dark Rum and Ginger Ale is the perfect mix of spice and sweetness, echoing the excitement and energy that fills the air as midnight nears.

11 pm: A Moment of Calm, Singleton 12 Year Old

The final hour before midnight calls for reflection. A glass of Singleton 12 Year Old, smooth and balanced, is a fitting accompaniment to contemplative moments before the year ends.


Midnight: Champagne Toast

And finally, as the clock strikes twelve, welcome the New Year with the timeless elegance of champagne. Non-drinkers rejoice because there are plenty of non-alcoholic versions of the party drink. Raise your glasses at the start of a new year!



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