Easy Cocktail Recipes Infused with Absinthe

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Absinthe is known as "The Green Fairy" with a touch of artistic allure.  With its vivid green shade and a reputation for potency, it stands as an iconic presence in the world of popular cocktails. Renowned for its exceptional qualities, such as flavour elevation, Absinthe has garnered a widespread following..
A Guide To Making Best Cocktails With Absinthe

A Guide To Making Best Cocktails With Absinthe

The Green Fairy's Influence on Popular Cocktails

Let us discuss the origin, controversy, and classic Absinthe cocktail in this blog.

1. The Origins of Absinthe
The reason behind this intriguing name, ''The Green Fairy,'' belongs to its vivid green colour. But the origin of Absinthe is from Switzerland. Firstly it was prepared in the late 18th century for therapeutic purposes. It became more well-liked among French writers and painters in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

2. The Controversy
Though it was famous among the literary people. It created controversy over the health of the people who consume the Absinthe. It is alleged that those dependent on this drink had hallucinations, mania, and aggressive behaviour. These factors led to its prohibition in certain nations in the early 1900s.

3. Myth debunked
As it is banned in a few countries, researchers revealed that only high content creates health complications affecting mental states. They also debunked the myth that these complications are not due to the unique characteristics of the Absinthe.

4. The comeback
Mixologists have embraced the Absinthe due to its uniqueness in enhancing bar drinks and sophisticated flavours. In many countries, the ban on Absinthe has been relaxed after debunking the myths about this drink. It is considered one of the most popular cocktails among the cocktail enthusiasts.

5. Mixing Absinthe with Popular Cocktails
Absinthe is a colourful cocktail that features the flavour of spices like anise and fennel, along with wormwood and herbs, which gives a slightly bitter taste. It gives people a better drinking experience, containing 60 - 75 % alcohol content. 

The Classic Absinthe Cocktails 

1. The Sazerac

SazeracThis drink is made by mixing whiskey, sugar, and bitter along with the Absinthe. It provides a unique dimension to the flavour when the glass is rinsed with the Absinthe.

2. The Green Beast

CorpseFresh mint, simple syrup and a mixture of Absinthe and water offer a refreshing and colourful cocktail. It gives the best drinking experience when it is sipped on a warm summer day.

3. Death in the Afternoon

DeathErnest Hemingway created it.  A slightly liquorice-flavoured cocktail is created by adding the Absinthe with the chilled champagne that is the cocktails at bar. Bubbly cocktails are prepared using Absinthe, which is very much loved by the people addicted to this drink.

How to Enjoy Absinthe?

Firstly place the sugar cube on a slotted spoon and then place it over Absinthe glassware. Now dip the sugar cube with ice-cold water. And now dilute the Absinthe till it turns cloudy by releasing its aromatic oils.

Summing up!
Absinthe is one of the best cocktails. It is known for its complex flavour and colourful cocktail features. It continues to capture anyone who revels in its mystique's imagination. Absinthe continues to significantly impact mixology, whether it is consumed straight up or as part of a traditional ceremony. Remember to enjoy your absinthe responsibly as you set out on your absinthe adventure, and maybe you'll be taken in by the Green Fairy's seduction as well. 

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