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Elevate Your Hosting Game With These Six Luxury Return Gifts For Guests

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Planning to host a sophisticated dinner or an exquisite cocktail evening with a fancy feel? What you need to wrap up this evening of elegance into the most luxe affair of the season is a thoughtful return gift which spells riches and splendour. Return gifts are an important element of any party because they are a way to express to your guests how grateful you are for their attendance and how much you value their presence on that special day. Undoubtedly, putting a bit of thought into your return gift, especially when it is a quality product, would definitely make your party a memorable affair.

A good return gift will ensure that guests remember that evening or brunch gathering days after it is over because your return gifts will act as wonderful pieces of utility or art, adding a lasting charm to their everyday routines. Picking out these luxury gifts then means understanding what your guests would most enjoy and savour out of the host of gourmet and artisanal products available out there. Sometimes, the best gifts include a fancy gadget or a luxe bottle of wine that would adorn their liquor cabinets.

Read on below to know more about some luxury items that can become luxury return gifts at the next social event you host:

Premium Liquors

If the guests you are entertaining happen to be liquor enthusiasts, there is no better alternative than a good bottle of wine or whiskey as a premium return gift. You can opt for a bottle of Godawan Artisanal Single Malt Whisky or a Singleton of Glendullan for your attendees to savour the luxe drinking experience these liquors embody. You can also pair the spirits with customised glassware or a decanter if you want to turn the present into a gift hamper.

godawan single malt

Gourmet Food Hampers

For guests who are fond of tasty, artisanal treats, you cannot go wrong with a gourmet food hamper as a return gift. Fill this basket of goodies with artisanal soft cheeses like brie or camembert, some speciality chocolates, premium preserves and delicious but lesser-known varieties of jams and jellies. You can also use handmade chocolate biscuits, flavourful sauces and pastes or even cured hams and sausages to complete this luxe gourmet basket.

Gadget Box

One of the best return gifts at a luxe party is a box containing a gadget that one can put to use both at home and at work. This could be a quality pair of headphones, a smartwatch or a smart speaker for your home. If your guests enjoy reading, you could also drop an e-reader into the gadget box and should you happen to know their favourite genres, you can also fill it up with some must-read titles. A box of tech would function as a luxury present while becoming an excellent utility item.


Luxury Bath And Body Hampers

This might sound cliché but a luxury bath and body hamper works very well if you fill it up with the right kind of products. Include bath oils, masks and serums along with foot creams, hand creams and moisturisers to basically prepare a gift bag that spells comfort. Make sure the gift hamper includes those products which your guests are less likely to buy for themselves so these self-care items become thoughtful presents.

Fine Jewellery

When you are hosting a brunch and want a suitable return gift, look no further than fine lockets or bracelets encrusted in gold or tiny diamonds as a luxury thank-you present. Jewellery is always a wonderful way to express your appreciation for your guests so select some beautiful designs that add an exquisite touch to your party.

fine jewellery

Silver Plated Bowls

For the more traditional gatherings like weddings or festivities, a good return gift could be silver plated bowls or crystalware well suited to adorn the crockery shelves in your guests’ homes. You can also go for a full set of dessert ware or gold-plated, custom-labelled cutlery if you want to splurge even more.

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