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Enjoy A Holiday-Themed Beer Pong Tournament This Festive Season

reindeer pong game

It’s that time of the year again when parties get creative, or dare we say, whimsical. From ‘bring your non-cup’ (think ice cream cones, dog bowls and leather bags) to extreme escape rooms, ample ideas are floating around for the strong-hearted. Reindeer Pong is in the same category but definitely more palatable. It's like the beer pong we all know, but with a fun holiday spin. All you need is a table lined with cups and every one sporting goofy reindeer antlers—nothing less than a picture-perfect holiday scene!

Here’s how can put it together:

Setting Up

Grab a bunch of cups and set them up on a table. Arrange them in a triangle, kind of like a reindeer's antlers. You can also try the shape of a tree since we can practically smell Christmas at this time of year. Fill them with your choice of drink. We recommend going for something festive, maybe a bit of Johnnie Walker or for those not drinking, Gordon’s tonic water works great.

reindeer ping pong games

The Twist: Antlers

Yes, you read that right. Everyone gets to wear reindeer antlers. It sounds goofy, and honestly, it is. But that's the charm. The fashionistas can display their thrifty talents by showing up in Santa hats, elf headbands or even a full-on Rudolph costume—nothing is more festive than a Christmas-themed fashion parade. Once everyone is ready to be competitive, split into teams and start the game. We love the idea of naming teams according to the occasion: how about ‘jingle ballers’ and ‘hysterical hollies’?

The rules are simple: score a cup, and the other team drinks.

To take the holiday spirit up a notch, hide sticky notes with holiday challenges beneath some cups. Sing a carol on helium, walk like Santa or share a funny but controversial holiday memory. This is an inclusive way to ensure that players who are not partaking in the drinking have their heads in the game as well. Party games are notorious for their uncertainty, so remember to keep things light and fun!

reindeer ping pong games

Play Responsibly

Reindeer Pong isn't just about winning. It's about the laughs and jokes you share when someone misses and seeing your friends trying to throw a ball with antlers on their heads. It's all fun and games until someone has one too many. Keep an eye on each other. Remember, the best part about these nights is remembering them the next day!

Final Thoughts

Reindeer Pong is a simple game that isn’t laborious to put together and pull off. More importantly, it keeps the energy up, pulling even the spectators in. So grab some cups, throw on those antlers, and enjoy the laughter.

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