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Five Garlic-Infused Cocktails That Pack A Serious Punch

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A good cocktail is, well, good. But a great cocktail pushes the boundaries, creating blends that are as daring as they are delectable. And what’s bolder than garlic? This pungent, savoury staple, usually found in kitchens, is now making a surprising yet stunning foray into cocktails. If you are a self-proclaimed garlic addict, you will love these curated cocktail recipes. But if you are unaware of the charms of this bulb, you are in for a treat. 

Let's explore five garlic-infused cocktails that challenge the palate and delight adventurous drinkers.

The Garlic Mary: A Spicy Twist on a Classic

Think of a Bloody Mary, but with a garlicky kick. Start with 50 ml of Smirnoff Vodka, add 100 ml of rich tomato juice, add 5 ml of hot sauce and 5 ml of Worcestershire sauce—and here's the star: a spoonful of garlic-infused syrup. Rim the glass with celery salt, pour in the mix and garnish with a garlic clove and a celery stick. It's like your favourite brunch cocktail visited a Mediterranean kitchen—spicy, savoury,and unapologetically bold.

Roasted Garlic and Cucumber Gin Cooler

For something more subtle yet equally compelling, try the Roasted Garlic and Cucumber Gin Cooler. Muddle roasted garlic cloves with fresh cucumber slices, add 60 ml Gordon's Gin, a splash of simple syrup, and lime juice. Shake it up, strain into a highball glass over ice, and top with Gordon’s Tonic Water. The result is a refreshing, herbaceous drink where the garlic's roasted sweetness complements the gin's botanicals—a perfect sip for a warm evening.

Smirnoff Garlic Breeze

Imagine taking the clean, crisp essence of Smirnoff Red and giving it a zesty, garlicky spin. Muddle a clove of fresh garlic with a hint of basil in your shaker, add 50 ml Smirnoff Red, 10 ml of fresh lime juice, and about 10 ml of simple syrup. Shake and strain into an ice-filled glass. You get a refreshing cocktail that marries the sharpness of garlic with the smoothness of vodka, perfect for those who enjoy a little edge in their sip.

Captain Morgan’s Roasted Garlic Rum Punch

Now, for a heartier concoction, let’s pair Captain Morgan Dark Rum with the deep, caramelised flavours of roasted garlic. Combine 60 ml of rum with roasted garlic-infused syrup, pineapple juice, and a squeeze of lime. The result is a robust, flavour-packed punch where the rum’s warmth and the garlic’s savoury depth create a symphony of bold tastes, ideal for a lively evening with friends.

Garlic and Citrus Gold Fashioned

In this twist on the Old Fashioned, we’re using Johnnie Walker Gold. Stir together 50 ml of the whisky, 10 ml of orange bitters, and a spoonful of garlic-infused honey syrup. Serve over ice, and garnish with a twist of orange peel. The whisky’s rich profile surprisingly complements the garlic’s pungency, while the honey and citrus notes add pzazz that you would otherwise find in century-old bars in storied towns.

Each drink showcases a different facet of garlic, from its pungency and sweetness to its smoky depth. Far from being overpowering, garlic, when used thoughtfully, can add complexity and richness to cocktails.

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