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Easy Batch Cocktails: When Minimal Effort Guarantees Maximum Flavour

Five Low-Prep Batch Cocktails With Minimal Effort For Maximum Flavour

For all your slumber party, game night and crafts night drinking needs, what work splendidly are batch cocktails that can be crafted in bulk so you can carry out your activities uninterrupted. These low-prep drinks are easy to prepare and require minimum ingredients so you can make some delicious concoctions with limited but delicious flavours. Some mixes like sangria and margaritas are classic party numbers because they are packed with great taste and require the least amount of effort to prepare at any home hosting endeavour.

At a house party, making batch cocktails jug after jug is easy because the ingredients required are available in bulk at any grocery store and can be purchased in advance so you have all your essentials at hand. Simultaneously, after one jug is consumed and relished, you can excuse yourself to make the next and return just as swiftly without missing any of the party fun. Low prep cocktails then are ideal alternatives for intimate gatherings where you want to just chill and spend time with your loved ones.


Crafted out of red or white wine, mixed with some orange juice or lemonade and topped with a splash of brandy, you can prepare sangria in a large vessel and stir it well so all ingredients come together in a fine blend. Next, you can add chopped up apples or pears and garnish the drink with a cinnamon stick when it is poured into a jug. Easy to prepare and quick to assemble, sangria is indeed a house party favourite because you can enjoy a fine buzz with such little effort! Go for a quality merlot or chardonnay to prepare a delicious sangria batch.

Five Low-Prep Batch Cocktails With Minimal Effort For Maximum Flavour


Mix Don Julio Blanco, triple sec and lime juice to make this zesty number that is one of the most favoured drinks at any party. Make batches of margaritas when you host a slumber party or a barbecue because the cocktail goes really well with an array of comforting and sumptuous foods you would serve at such informal gatherings. You can either keep on lathering the rims of margarita glasses with salt as its signature garnish, or garnish the rim of your jug so that each pour introduces that salty and refreshing appeal into the cocktail.

Moscow Mule Pitcher

Prepared by blending vodka and ginger beer, a moscow mule is a classic cocktail that is much sought after when you want to revel in a boozy kick at a house party. Prepare the drink by bringing together a premium Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka with lime juice and ginger beer to make a mix that is zesty, tangy and refreshing. Moscow mule carries a slightly spicy layer because of the generous helpings of ginger beer that are used to put it together. With such limited ingredients, the drink nonetheless packs lots of different flavours that are perfect when you accompany them with soul foods like chana bhatura, pav bhaji or butter chicken. Garnish the jugs of moscow mule you churn out with ginger shavings or a thyme sprig for some elevated intensity.

Five Low-Prep Batch Cocktails With Minimal Effort For Maximum Flavour

Mojito Pitcher

Another classic cocktail, the mojito would remind you of relaxed moments spent on the beach or at an island party. Batches of mojitos can be crafted using premium quality white rum, some lime juice, a bit of fresh mint and some simple syrup. Add plenty of ice to the pitcher in which you pour the mojito because this is a drink best served chilled. As well, be generous with the amount of mint leaves you muddle in because their refreshing quality coupled with the zestiness of lime juice are what introduce a lot of flavour into this recipe.

Negroni Jug

A delicious aperitif to sip on when you host a slow, leisurely cocktail evening at home, negroni is another low prep cocktail that requires you to take just the basic effort of mixing different ingredients together to arrive at a delicious mix. Make a negroni using premium Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, some sweet vermouth and campari in a pitcher, with an orange twist garnish for a slightly tangy and bitter flavour note.


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