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Five Seafood And Whisky Pairing That Will Get You Drooling

Seafood And Whisky

White wine and seafood have been a traditional food and beverage pairing; it is a choice that one could not go wrong about. But whisky is making its own wave in sophisticated dining. Whisky lovers have begun to eye seafood and combine the cuisine with the spirit. This undercurrent has been received positively by foodies and spirit lovers.

To successfully pair whisky with seafood, one needs to find the balance in flavours. Harmonious coupling of flavours, textures, mouthfeel leads to a delicious seafood and whisky combination.

Below are a few whisky and seafood pairing that works like magic.

1. Lobster

This seafood delicacy is known for its exquisite taste. A fancy meal consisting of lobster must have a whisky which has an equally sophisticated flavour profile. The rich and complex notes of lobster goes well with the delicately balanced structure of whisky. The spirit's smoky oak flavours complements the salty taste of lobster. The smokiness also adds a deeper flavour to the meaty texture of the seafood, giving you a rich and delicious experience.

Whisky's subtle sweetness also pairs well with the sweet taste of the lobster. Bourbon is a good choice to have with lobster as it has hints of vanilla which enhances the seafood's flavour profile, making it even more enjoyable.

2. Shrimps

Many shrimp dishes pair well with whisky which has layers and layers of flavours. The drink's smoky notes match the meat's saltiness, the subtle sweetness of the spirit goes well with the savoury bite of the shrimp. Whisky also cuts through the oiliness of shrimp, but doesn't overpower the dish's flavour profile. Scotch whisky, bourbon, rye-forward whisky also pair well with shrimp dishes. Experiment with them and discover delightful flavours.

Seafood And Whisky

3. Scallops

Scallops are a kind of seafood that can be prepared in multiple ways and taste yummy in every kind of dish. Whisky pairs well with scallops, be it cooked and served on the half shell or seared in a pan. The scallops and whisky combination has seen a lot of popularity in recent times. Restaurants have dedicatedly made this pairing a part of their menus. Though, previously scallop and whisky pairing was seen as unconventional. But the strong taste of whisky contrasts well with light, mellow dishes like scallops. The whisky's caramel sweetness compliments the scallop's soft texture and even accentuates the notes in the seafood.

4. Salmon

Whisky or whisky-based cocktails have smoky, peaty notes which go well with the saltiness of grilled and smoked salmon. This kind of pairing works well for a meal on a sunny day or when you have an indoor barbeque. A cocktail of American and Canadian whiskies that has a hint of honey goes well with the Cabernet Sauvignon's subtle flavours. This blend of drinks brings out the tenderness and savouriness of the salmon.

salmon steak

5. Oyster

Oysters which are baked with spices and herbs or served with mignonette sauce complement the complex flavours of whisky. The salty notes of oysters work well with whisky-in-your-face smokiness. The smoky flavour also brings out the natural richness of the oysters. The sweetness in the whisky and the saltiness in the oyster complement each other.

While it's great to learn about making alcoholic beverages and their accompaniments, it is important to consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.

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