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Desi Fruits Make For These 5 Delightful Punch Cocktails

Five Seasonal Fruit Punch Cocktails Featuring Northern Indian Fruits

In northern India, as in most parts of the Indian subcontinent, different seasons bring in different kinds of fresh produce and ingredients that are incorporated into many regional recipes which celebrate the shifting climes. Over time, these seasonal flavours have found their way into cocktail concoctions too, so that many mixes have been crafted to incorporate refreshing and tangy seasonal fruits into different signature recipes. One such cocktail mix that has abundant room for including these bright flavours into its blend is the fruit punch.

Traditionally made from dark rum or vodka and lots of different spices like cinnamon and nutmeg along with aromatic rose water and citruses, the punch is an age-old concoction whose discovery by the British traders can be traced back to the textile mills in Surat circa the 17th century. Now, the drink has become exceedingly popular for its sweet and fruity flavours and is prepared in large quantities during festivities and celebrations.

Here are some punch varieties you can prepare across varied seasons using northern Indian seasonal fruits to highlight the flavours most savoured in those climes:

Apple Cinnamon Rum Punch

Come autumn, the verdant Kashmir valley witnesses rapidly ripening crunchy and juice apples that can be used to make delicious juices and ciders. In Himachal Pradesh too, winters and autumn mean abundant apple harvests which can be put to use to prepare batches of apple and rum punch infused with the spicy and warm notes of cinnamon. Apple and cinnamon is a classic combination so it is no surprise that this punch is a much favoured alternative during cool weather when temperatures drop rapidly in northern India. You can serve this drink at a winter soiree to celebrate the season’s festivities.

Five Seasonal Fruit Punch Cocktails Featuring Northern Indian Fruits

Peach Bellini Punch

A take on the classic bellini cocktail, the peach bellini punch brings together this sweet and juicy fruit with sparkling wine, served in a tall champagne glass. You can also add some peach schnapps or peach nectar to the recipe to highlight the flavour of this fruit that grows in spring and summer in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. This sophisticated take on a classic punch recipe is perfect for brunches where you get together over frittatas and fruit plates to discuss the hottest topic du jour.

Jamun Punch

Come summer, you can climb up the jamun tree and pick out the ripe fruit, as long as you are surefooted! Make jamun punch during this season by following the traditional recipe and introduce the flavours of this seasonal fruit by incorporating jamun juice or jamun syrup into the concoction. The tangy and sour qualities of the fruit bring a much needed freshness to your palate that becomes a soothing taste in the rising temperatures.

Mango Sangria

Having mangoes in summer is almost ritualistic across many different households. The fleshy sweet fruit is added to many alcoholic mixes to celebrate its flavour through stunning cocktail recipes. You can prepare a mango sangria by adding the fresh fruit as well as mango juice into a classic recipe. This fruit is available in plenty in northern India during summers and monsoons to become a luxurious seasonal treat perfect for punch recipes. Mango sangria is bound to be the highlight of any summer party you host so make sure you prepare it in bulk when you host a soiree during warm weather.

Five Seasonal Fruit Punch Cocktails Featuring Northern Indian Fruits

Apple And Pear Punch

There is something exceedingly pleasurable about taking a walk as twilight falls during autumn. The colours suddenly seem pleasing and the cool breezes are a welcome during fall weather. This is also the time to seek warming drinks prepared using seasonal fruits like apples and pears found in generous quantities in many regions of northern India. Make a classic punch infused with apple and pear slices to enjoy the fruity and sweet notes of this seasonal bounty.


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