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Five Tips To Host A Virtual Cocktail Party For New Year

Wine and cheese tasting

We are counting down the days until the New Year. Resolutions are being planned; best of 2023 lists for pop culture and news are out; and of course, there is a lot of reflection (just December things!  over the past year. Resolutions, travel plans, and career ambitions are being chalked out. But when you look at the present, the most immediate thing that needs to get checked out from your list is your New Year's party!

With working from home becoming a favoured lifestyle worldwide, wouldn't it be interesting to hold a virtual cocktail party for New Year celebrations? It is the best way to ensure everyone in your circle is included, as it ensures even people living in distant places can join in the revelry. It is also quite a wonderful way to hold a private party without worrying about booking or setting up the venue, navigating through the traffic, planning food and beverages. A virtual cocktail party sounds like a perfect intimate gathering which is also loads of fun!

So how does one throw a virtual New Year cocktail party? If the Covid-19 era taught us to throw virtual weddings, virtual New Year's parties shouldn't be too hard! Below are a few tips that will help you throw a virtual cocktail party for your New Year from your home.

Choose A Party Theme

Themes are the base of cocktail parties. Your theme decides your decor, food and beverage, party activities, and costumes. You choose classics such as Retro, Hollywood, and Spooky or come up with your own theme that involves an experience lived by you and your guests.

Make The Guest List

Since your cocktail party is virtual, include all your near and dear ones in your event! Just make sure the timing suits all the guests involved. Decide whether you want to include kids or not or whether you want an adult-only party. Make your guest list as soon as possible so you can inform them about your plan as soon as possible.

Wine and cheese tasting

Select The Right Platform

There are many online platforms available for virtual get-togethers. The popularly known ones are Zoom, Google, Facebook. Make sure you choose a platform that works on everyone's devices. Have a trial virtual meeting with your guests to ensure the platform is working for everyone.

Plan The Activities

There are plenty of gaming apps you can play online. You can also play physical games such as Murder Mystery or have an activity such as karaoke. And your event being a cocktail party, definitely have a mixology glass, where you or an expert can teach everyone cool mixing tricks. Send the ingredients and other tools needed beforehand to your guests. You can also have a movie party, plenty of streaming services offer movie party options where different people can watch the same people together.

Send Out Your Invites

Select an invite design that matches your party theme. Send it online to your guest list. You can add many interesting elements to your invite which you can find online. One of the best things about going virtual is the incredible ways you can be innovative and creative. Happy celebrating!

While it is alright to read and learn about alcohol, always remember that it must be consumed moderately. Always serve and drink alcohol responsibly. This will ensure you and your guests stay healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who is unable to control their alcohol consumption, refer them to a professional immediately.