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Master Toasting Etiquette With 5 Expert Tips This Wedding Season

Five Tips To Master Your Toast Etiquette This Wedding Season

Weddings mean lots of little rituals and traditions that have been followed through generations to mark the joy of a couple coming together and celebrating their shared love. One such delightful wedding tradition is that of raising toasts which comprises speeches delivered by some of the people closest to the bridegroom such as their parents, friends and best persons. These speeches contain funny anecdotes, lovely memories and a general call to congratulate the couple. Most often than not, toasts end up making your eyes moist, especially if they are written well and delivered with lots of feeling.

The tradition of raising toasts is an old one. In ancient days of lore, sharing a drink was a way to show trust. A piece of toast would be placed in a wine cup to absorb the sediment collected at the bottom and there would be a general contest to reach the ‘toast’ first, which was the winning prize. Over time, the ritual of raising this toast has endured and there are quite a few etiquette rules you ought to follow to get the tradition right.

Read on below to know more about some of the tips you need to master to ace your wedding toasts this marriage season:

Determine The Order Of Toasts

When you are planning a rehearsal dinner or the order of things at a wedding reception, you might want to pay close attention to the sequence in which toasts will be delivered to avoid chaos at the time of the event. This means determining who goes first according to the seniority of those present, beginning with parents, followed by best persons and others who participated in the wedding to conclude with the bride, who enjoys the place of honour. If you want to make toasts a tad boozier, bring out the champagne flutes only at the end while raising a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label during the other speeches.

Five Tips To Master Your Toast Etiquette This Wedding Season

How To Select Spirits

Traditionally, wines and sparkling wines dominate the roster of spirits that are popularly poured during toast time. But you can also select from an array of other liquors if you wish to switch drinks through the course of the speeches. This means you can begin with a delicious whisky sour cocktail made from a Signature Premium Grain Whisky at the wedding brunch and follow it up with a Talisker Single Malt Scotch during the wedding toasts, ending the evening with champagne at the time of the last speech.

Writing Your Toast

How you write your toast depends on what role you play in the wedding. If you are the best person, you can make the toast a bit personal, fill it up with lots of fun, embarrassing yet cute stories and jokes to add colour into your speech. But if you are the bride or groom, you might want to include a few notes of thanks in your toast to express gratitude to the people who made your day possible. Also ask for the blessings of your loved ones as you embark on this journey and weave this sentiment into your speech.

Five Tips To Master Your Toast Etiquette This Wedding Season

Formal And Informal Toasts

This is usually determined according to the event at which you plan on raising a glass to the happy couple. At a cocktail night or pre-wedding dinner, you can deliver an informal toast but on the wedding day, you might have to make your speech a tad formal. This is because a rehearsal dinner is usually an intimate affair with limited guests contrary to a wedding where you would invite office colleagues and other professional acquaintances as well as elders from the family, needing you to make your toasts more grown-up and sombre.

The Perfect Moment

Toasts have to be delivered at the perfect moment. This can be when the crowd is already gathered around for cake, or for dinner so you can start speeches during the dessert course. Alternatively, you can plan toasts after guests have gone through the receiving line. Orchestrate the moment such that guests have easy access to champagne flutes—and tissues!



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