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Flavour Pairings with 8 Monsoon-Inspired Snacks and Mocktails

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The monsoon season is everyone's favourite, with raindrops tapping on the windowpane, a warm blanket, and the scent of earthy petrichor. Why not add a tasteful adventure to your parties and create a dramatic party menu while you enjoy the stress free hosting? We've assembled a list of 8 snacks, mocktails, and cocktails inspired by the monsoon that perfectly go well with the BBQ party!

8 Creative Mocktail and Snack Combo for your BBQ Party

1. Crunchy Paneer Tikka and Minty Cucumber Cooler

Cucumber Cooler
The paneer tikka is the most savoury snack ever. Do you know what drink goes well with it? It goes well with a minty cucumber cooler, a flavorful concoction of cucumber, mint, and lime that balances the tikka's zest with its mellow notes. The best part about this drink is that you can easily make this refreshing drink at home along with Paneer tikka. Such drinks also complement your BBQ party.

2. Spicy Corn Bhel & Tamarind Twist

The tasty spicy corn bhel is an absolute mood setter. In the scorching heat, tamarind's sweet and tangy tones blend in amazingly. It is nothing short of an exquisite combination! Such a combination makes stress free hosting even more delightful and less hectic!

3. Classic Samosas & Masala Chai Elixir

Masala chai
Taste the famous samosas with a savoury potato interior and a golden, crispy crust. Sip on a masala chai elixir, the best Indian tea laced with flavorful spices—a match made in monsoon heaven—to compliment the rich tastes. This drink is simply a five-star to your party menu.

4. Cheese Pakoras & Pineapple Zest Delight

Enjoy the melting inside and crunchy outside of cheese pakoras as they fit perfectly in your party menu and melt in your mouth. Offer them a pineapple zest treat to go along with it, which combines pineapple's tropical sweetness with a dash of citrus zing.

5. Vegetable Spring Rolls and Ginger Fizz

Virgin Mojito
Enjoy the mix of vibrant vegetables enveloped in a delicate shell and their light, crunchy texture in vegetable spring rolls. They go well with a ginger fizz mocktail, a bubbly combination that gives a look a hint of cosiness. Spring rolls are a readily available snack, making stress free hosting a delight.

6. Rainy-day Ramen & Lemongrass Sparkler

With its flavourful broth and mouthwatering noodles, a bowl of rainy-day ramen will satisfy your desires and take you to gastronomic heaven. A fragrant and fizzy lemongrass sparkler will enhance the experience. Something like ramen that doesn’t take much time to prepare will help you curate the party menu efficiently!

7. Aloo Tikki Chaat & Pomegranate Punch

Explore the mix of spicy potato patties, chutneys, and yoghurt that is aloo tikki chaat. A fruity cocktail with a sour edge like pomegranate punch will go well with this burst of flavours. Such a combination will add variety to your BBQ party.

8. Crispy Fried Calamari & Virgin Mojito

Calamari, which has been crisp-fried, delivers a delicious contrast of textures for seafood lovers. Pair it with a traditional virgin mojito since the muddled mint and lime will wonderfully cut through the calamari's richness. Mojitos are the star of the show at every BBQ party!

Summing Up 
You will find yourself completely absorbed in the splendour of the monsoon as you savour each bite and drink. These pairings will improve your rainy-day experience, whether you're eating these goodies alone or with close friends and family. Flavour pairing these snacks with your most loved mocktails will elevate your party menu and leave your guests talking about your house party forever.

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