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For Women's Day, 5 Unique Drinks Inspired By Sensational Songs

Five Music Chartbusters For Women’s Day Cocktails—From Single Ladies To Flowers

Women’s Day is around the corner which means it is time to treat all those special ladies in your life to some wonderful presents and a memorable day to mark women’s empowerment and strength. This is the perfect occasion to express gratitude to all the women in your life and throw them a lovely bash full of good food and amazing drinks. And what better way to customise your cocktail bar for such an occasion than designing drinks that pay homage to music which rings with the splendour and beauty of womanhood?

Many chartbusters through decades have been written by intelligent women singers and songwriters who have used poetry to take their message of freedom and equality to a global audience. These songs are etched in our memory as poignant reminders of the incredible beauty, power and sensuality of women everywhere. Many drinks have been crafted over time resonating with similar qualities, using ingredients that are similarly intense and refreshing. You can make some of these numbers at the next Women’s Day bash you host as an homage to the extraordinary artists as well as the remarkable women who people your life.

Read on below for some chartbuster cocktails you can prepare for such celebratory evenings:

Respect Martini

One of the most recognisable reminders of the respect women deserve and yearn for, Aretha Franklin’s song has become a hallmark that epitomises a woman’s desire to be held in good esteem by those around her. The respect martini is a wonderful cheer to this feeling and can be prepared using quality Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka along with elderflower liqueur and some citrusy lime juice – a mix brimming with the intense kick of the spirit and tangy notes of citruses that induce a buzz which indeed commands respect!

Five Music Chartbusters For Women’s Day Cocktails—From Single Ladies To Flowers

Single Ladies

When Beyoncé asks you to put a ring on it, you listen to her! And to those who don’t, all the single ladies are here to tell you that it is your loss. The singer-songwriter’s work is an exceedingly popular number whose daring can be reflected in a delicious cocktail mix by bringing in the vibrant notes of cranberry juice and orange liqueur into a generous 45 ml pour of Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka. And make sure you shake a leg to the iconic Single Ladies song as you sip on this upbeat cocktail!


Miley Cyrus’ Flowers is a cry that women want something beyond flowers and dancing, which is to be loved better and with dignity. With a cocktail that combines some lavender syrup with quality Tanqueray No. Ten Gin and some lime juice along with a splash of soda, you can find yourself marking the romance women deserve by celebrating the fruity, floral and citrusy notes used in this recipe. The tasting notes reflect the fresh and bright qualities of all the dynamic women in your life, attributes which warrant deepest love and romance.

Five Music Chartbusters For Women’s Day Cocktails—From Single Ladies To Flowers

Girl On Fire Margarita

Alicia Keys sings of strong girls with a spark that is just like a blazing fire. You can prepare a cocktail with premium Don Julio Blanco Tequila coupled with triple sec and a dash of chilli powder to fashion a margarita that marks this brilliant spunk in women. Prepare a flaming margarita version by placing a sugar cube atop the drink and use a blow torch to light it up. Be careful while playing with fire!

Independent Woman

Make a spritz just like Destiny Child’s song which is light and chill but by no means negligible. Prepare this mix by bringing together prosecco and aperol with a dash of club soda for a refreshing concoction reminiscent of this chartbuster song revelling in independent women making their own lives, fulfilling their dreams and chilling out while being self-reliant, just like this sparkling, invigorating drink.


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