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From Chaas To A Classic Highball, Here Are 6 Drinks To Pair With Biryani

biryani and drinks

Rice dishes are a staple across the Indian subcontinent. There are as many varieties and manners of cooking rice as there are regions, cultures and culinary techniques. One of the most celebrated rice variations known for its aromas, flavours and sheer luxe appeal is the biryani, cooked in diverse ways across different geographical boundaries. There is a Hyderabadi variety involving cooking rice and meats together and the Lucknowi or Awadhi version which cooks them separately before sealing and smoking the preparation. Either way, while the origins of biryani can be traced to Mughal kitchens or even the earliest vedic ages, the dish itself has endured through time as a favourite meal made from some choicest ingredients.

When you sit down to gorge on a delicious chicken or mutton biryani cooked in ghee, spices, mint and saffron, there are some drinks that would serve as excellent accompaniments to draw out its rich and potent flavours. Read on below to know more about some of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic delights that ought to be savoured with a plateful—and more—of biryani doused in raita and salan.


Chaas or buttermilk with tons of masala is the perfect drink to pair with a biryani recipe enjoyed at lunch. The buttermilk is churned to acquire an airy and light texture and is made into a watery mix that refreshes your palate. Flavours of pink salt, cumin powder and other spiced delights augment the profile of this beverage to turn it into a mouthwatering delight. You can also chug half a glass of buttermilk after you finish your meal as a cleanser to calm the intense heat of the biryani.

lassi with biryani

Sulaimani Chai

This tea has origins in the Malabar region and was rather famous among traders and merchants alike who would sip on a rather warm and sweet drink when they arrived on Indian shores for exchanging goods. A syrupy black tea infused with sweet jaggery, whole spices and a generous dash of lemon, Sulaimani chai is generally offered to guests after a big feast to help boost digestion. It is an ideal pairing with a spicy Hyderabadi or Thalassery biryani to ease the fire in your belly.

Highball Cocktail

A spicy rice variant can be paired rather splendidly with a highball cocktail because the hot and intense notes of the biryani coupled with succulent perfectly cooked meats nicely complement the smoky flavours of a good whisky. Make a highball cocktail using a Signature Premium Grain Whisky, some ginger ale and soda. The carbonated drink will also act as a soothing beverage packing a slight kick, ideal for an indulgent dinner.

Tamarind Margarita

For a thoroughly desi twist to your mixology game, infuse a classic margarita with the tangy notes of tamarind to turn it into a cocktail suited to biryani night. The tamarind will also introduce a much-needed acidity in a meal with such high heat. Make a tamarind margarita using a premium Don Julio Blanco, triple sec and plenty of lime. The acidity in the drink will not only help to balance the spiciness in the dish but also smoothen digestive processes.

tamarind margarita

German Riesling 

If you are looking for an option to make your dinner party just a tad bit fancy, serve a quality German Riesling with your biryani. This riesling carrying slightly soft tones is particularly known for blending well with foods having a hint of spicy and hot flavours. So, pour a glass of German Riesling as an accompaniment with a Hyderabadi or Goan biryani.

Pale Lager

A light lager, preferably from a homegrown brewery, is a delightful pairing for a milder biryani. Try it with a Sindhi biryani made from meats, lots of spices and chillies. The recipe also includes adding nuts into the rice dish to give it a creamy and dense texture. This goes well with frothy, cool beer which offers an absolutely refreshing finish to your palate. Polish off a plate of Sindhi biryani or Kolkata biryani with a glass of lager by your side.

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