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Wedding Parties Are Made Better With These Customised Cocktail Kits As Gifts

Gifting Ideas: Personalised Cocktail Kits for Wedding Parties

Planning and executing a wedding can be super-stressful! If it isn’t the wedding parties, the soon-to-be-married couple can get easily overwhelmed by the exhausting to-do list. Brides and grooms choose people extremely close to them to be a part of their wedding party, usually their siblings, best friends, close cousins etc. They are people whom the couple can completely trust with the exhausting arrangements. This group of people selflessly extend their time and resources to help the bride and groom get ready for their big day. They deserve a heartfelt gift that shows love and appreciation for their participation. 

Giving a cocktail kit is a great way of expressing gratitude to your favourite folks! It helps them try out something new in their kitchen. If they are bartending enthusiasts, then nothing like it! They will truly enjoy using the present to make delicious cocktails. Below are ideas to give personalised cocktail gifts.

Readymade Cocktail Kits

Give this to the members of your wedding party especially if they are new to making cocktails at home. Based on their choice of drink, get them a set which has glassware and a bottle of their favourite cocktail mix. Get the cocktail set personalised by engraving their names in the glassware and including a card with a message. You can also add another card printed with recipes for a few easy-to-make cocktails.

Gifting Ideas: Personalised Cocktail Kits for Wedding Parties

Cocktail Kits With Ingredients

This kind of cocktail set is great for those who would love to dip their toes in the craft of making alcoholic drinks. The kit usually contains bar tools, glassware as well as ingredients (spirit, flavour accompaniments and garnishes). The kit usually includes cocktail mix, shrubs, syrups and garnishes, all the key components to make a yummy drink. There's also a recipe card. 

DIY Cocktail Kit

This is the perfect gift to create a personalised present for your wedding party members. Creating a DIY cocktail kit requires thought, resources, time from the giver and hence makes for a great gift.

Quick Mix Kit

Make a ready-mix cocktail kit for your loved ones from scratch. Follow the below steps to make a memorable gift. 

Ingredients For The Cocktail Mix (Makes For 8 Servings)

2 Dried Orange slices
2 Dried Apple slices 
2 Cinnamon sticks 
1 Pinch Whole cloves
1 Pinch allspice 
2 Cubes Brown sugar

Gifting Ideas: Personalised Cocktail Kits for Wedding Parties


Take a 500 ml mason jar and add all the ingredients in it. Seal the jar and label it with a sticker that carries the information about the contents. Add a recipe card to make this drink. The recipe includes the below step.

Fill the jar with your favourite alcohol. Let the concoction rest for three days. Once ready, shake and strain into a glass container.

Cocktail Kit For Budding Home Bartender

This version is for those who have a passion in mixology or are secretly amateur bartenders! To make this kit, follow the below guide.

Assemble various parts of the kit yourself — bar equipment, glassware, and all the necessary ingredients such as bitters, liqueurs, soda, base spirit, garnishes etc. Add recipe cards and a note with a lovely message. Choose the equipment and glassware that matches the taste of the recipient. Select ingredients and make the recipe cards for cocktails they like. 

While it's great to learn about alcohol, it is important to also consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.


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