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Have You Tried These 5 Tangy Kacchi Kairi Cocktails For Your Summer Barbecue?

raw mango cocktail

Who can resist the playful delights of taking a large bite of a tangy raw mango slice covered in salt and chilli powder? This is what summers are for – enjoying the acidic, sour and lip smacking qualities of the green raw mango available amply in the tropics. It harkens back to simpler times, to evenings in college spent poring over books while sucking on a raw mango peel. Such is the singular pleasure of devouring the kacchi kairi or raw mango in warm weather.

Along with enjoying raw mango as a snack, there are tons of cocktails that can be prepared using this fruit which act as soothing coolers during the summer season. The drinks are full of the fresh and vibrant flavours of the green, unripe fruit and the slight buzz of a quality spirit, both becoming a perfect pair at any summer barbecue. These cocktails are concocted either using raw mango pulp or by making aam panna concentrate, that is raw mango mixed with sugar and some spices. Whatever the recipe, the flavours that arise from these mixes are thoroughly complex and inviting.

Read on below to know more about some of the cool kacchi kairi cocktails you can prepare on warm summer evenings:

kachhi kairi martini

Kacchi Kairi Martini

The martini is a very expansive spirit that can accommodate lots of different flavours in its making. Give your classic martini a tangy and bitter touch by adding into it some raw mango juice and a hint of quality Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka that will absolutely sing on your taste buds. The combination of the acidic raw mango and a subtly flavoured vodka is extremely appealing and is the perfect one to make a summer cocktail variation of the martini.

raw mango margarita

Raw Mango Margarita

Another summer favourite is the margarita made with a generous portion of raw mango syrup or aam panna concentration. The drink is perfect for a tropical or island themed party because its ingredients are full of refreshing qualities that would quench the thirst induced by the sweltering heat. You can also craft a slightly spicy version of the raw mango margarita by introducing some chilli or paprika powder into the recipe and using a salt and chilli garnish. Remember to use plenty of ice so you can serve the cocktail chilled.

raw mango drink

Raw Mango Sour

Sour cocktails are a delight to devour because their citrusy notes make them very sharp and acidic mixes that are highly appealing for your taste buds. You can craft a raw mango sour using lots of fruity pulp and some lime juice along with a generous 30 ml pour of whisky. Turn this into a flip cocktail by adding an egg white to the drink so it acquires a foamy layer.

raw mango and pineapple drink

Raw Mango And Pineapple Punch

Make a chilled punch drink that is perfect for a tiki party. The raw mango in the recipe can either be a syrup or aam panna concentration depending on how sweet you want the drink to be. A pineapple paired with the green fruit will double the tangy and acidic element in the drink that can be balanced with white rum, simple syrup and tons of ice. Also add a touch of black salt to elevate the flavours of all the ingredients in the mix. The punch can be made in large jugs and poured out in little tiki mugs at the next tropical themed soiree you host.

raw mango and vodka

Mango/Vodka Manga Cocktail

This has become quite famous over time across Indian bars for its celebration of the flavours of the raw mango. Rather simple to make, you can concoct this one in batches using aam panna, some cumin and mint leaves and a generous 30 ml pour of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka. Add to the drink a bit of fresh lime juice and lots of ice to serve it in all its tangy and chilled glory.

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