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Fancy A Rome With A View? These 5 Italian Bars Serve The Best Version

Head To These Five Bars In Rome To Enjoy A ‘Rome With A View’ Cocktail

Of the many European cities that attract thousands of tourists every year, Rome is perhaps one of the most favoured destinations, for its food, culture and splendid drinks. Many bars abound in this city that are so built that you can enjoy breathtaking views of the bustling cityscape lounging in one of these places. And when you are sitting in such a rooftop bar, what better drink to sip on than a Rome With A View cocktail, a delightful pun on the EM Forster story which talks about falling in love in this beautiful city.

Tourist attractions in Rome are immense but on some evenings, it is perhaps quite soothing to just find a chair at a rooftop bar and watch the happenings in the city unfold instead of stepping out and taking long, exhausting walks. This is a leisurely way to enjoy a European holiday, augmented even more by the delicious foods that can be paired with locally sourced wines and signature cocktails, for those Rome feels. It would be rather poetic to toast with a glass of the stunning Rome With A View aperitivo on such evenings because its indulgent flavours full of the notes of the red bitter liqueur and dry vermouth would really spark feelings of romance, at least for the city, if not for a man!

Head To These Five Bars In Rome To Enjoy A ‘Rome With A View’ Cocktail

Read on below to know more about the bars that you can head to in Rome to sip on this classic cocktail:

Il Giardino

One of the most popular joints in all of Rome, this bar is the perfect choice to enjoy a cocktail while you watch the sun set. Order up a Rome With A View while here, or ask the bartender to make you one according to your exact flavour preferences and take in a brilliant view of colours of the setting sun falling over the Eternal City. You can head over to the next door Michelin-star restaurant La Terrazza for a gastronomic adventure following a delicious aperitivo helping that is sure to get you salivating.

Mater Terrace Bar

Another quintessential offering in Rome that allows you to take in views of many historic spots in the city, you can head over to the Mater to enjoy this signature cocktail made especially for such memorable moments. There is something so romantic about soaking in the beauty of the Pantheon and the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, two architectural wonders of this city while sipping on a cocktail crafted exactly for such postcard moments. You can sit out on the terrace and enjoy a glorious view as you revel in the magnificence of Roman wonders.

Stravinskij Bar

This is not a rooftop bar but the Hotel de Russie houses a charming outdoor terrace whose beauty is really accentuated by the lush gardens that surround this space. You can enjoy a mix crafted out of red bitter liqueur and a splash of soda, for its vibrant hues that compliment the serene beauty of this place which is rather a wondrous oasis situated in the heart of Rome. You can head over to Stravinskij and enjoy a cooling drink after a particularly long day of sightseeing.

Head To These Five Bars In Rome To Enjoy A ‘Rome With A View’ Cocktail

Hassler Rooftop Terrace

Enjoy another rooftop experience at the Hassler which offers remarkable views of the Spanish Steps and the famed Villa Borghese. Make sure you choose a good spot from where you can enjoy a view of these glorious historical spaces and order up a Rome With A View for savouring the city as you savour a cocktail named to celebrate its alluring beauty.

The Terrazza Bramante

For a panoramic view of the Eternal City, head over to this space located at Il Palazzetto and take in the expansive beauty of the Spanish Steps and the rooftops of Trinità dei Monti. When you enjoy such a grand view of the city, you obviously have to order this signature cocktail to complete the romance unfolding between you, the city and its wonderful food and drink cultures!

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