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Which Breaking Bad Character Are You And Which Cocktail Fits Your Personality


No list of the best TV shows ever is complete without a mention of Breaking Bad. This show, with its plotline and dialogue, has captivated millions around the world. However, its real strength lies in the interesting characters it puts up on the screen. Just like a good cocktail’s ingredients, the interesting combinations of their personality traits make for unique individuals with compelling stories behind them. In the spirit of that, we have made this quiz for you to find which Breaking Bad character you are, and your perfect cocktail.

How To Do This Quiz?

Firstly, answer each question. Then, take the option number of each of the answers you picked, and total it. Your Breaking Bad character will correspond to the total. Don’t worry, we will give you an example at the end.

Q1. Which word best describes your personality?

1. Intelligent

2. Charming

3. Brave

4. Ambitious

Q2. What is your ideal profession?

1. Teacher

2. Lawyer

3. Spy

4. Entrepreneur

Q3. How do you deal with your problems?

1. Using your skills and knowledge

2. Talking your way out of it

3. Confronting it courageously

4. Politicking your way out

Q4. A killer is knocking at your door, what will you do?

1. You are the one who knocks

2. Call a friend to help

3. Open the door and take him on

4. Make a calculated plan to get away


Q5. Your spirit of preference?

1. Whisky

2. Vodka

3. Beer

4. Tequila

Before we proceed to the calculations and give you a character, we must remind you to drink responsibly, and to always pick a non-alcoholic alternative to a cocktail whenever you do not want to drink!

Your Results:

For each of the options, take the corresponding number and total it. For instance, if you chose Ambitious, Lawyer, Talking your way, Call a friend, and Tequila, your total will be 1+2+2+2+4= 11.

If your score is between 5 and 8, you are Walter White, the protagonist of Breaking Bad. You are driven by your ambition and pride, but you also care about your family and friends. Your biggest strength is your raw intelligence, which can sometimes be dangerous when combined with unchecked ambition. Your drink of preference is a New York Sour, because you like to mix and match your spirits like a true chemist.

If your score is between 9 and 12, you are Saul Goodman. There is no problem that you can’t charm your way out of, though sometimes you can talk your way into even worse problems. You are true to your craft of being a lawyer, and don’t discriminate between who you are representing, be it a lowly student or a drug lord. Your drink of preference is a Mojito, simple, classic, and hard to mess up.

If your score is between 13 and 16, you are Hank Schrader. Above all, you are courageous, but also strong and smart when you need to be. You have a strong moral compass and a questionable brother-in-law. Your cocktail of preference is the Shandy, because you simply love beer so much. In fact, you sometimes make it with your iconic Schraderbrau.

If your score is between 17 and 20, you are Gus Fring. You are a successful businessman, who can run two major ventures at the same time, and is not worried about getting his hands dirty. True to your roots, your cocktail of preference is a classic Margarita, only made with the best Tequila which you get delivered straight from Mexico, along with, umm…

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