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Here Are 3 Cocktails That Make Tanqueray Malacca Shine

tanqueray malacca

In the enchanting world of spirits, Tanqueray Malacca stands apart. With its exotic blend of botanicals and a subtle hint of cardamom and ginger, it pulls everyone, from connoisseurs and novices, into a realm of nuanced flavours. Experienced bartenders have known the joy of exploring Tanqueray Malacca, using its lemony notes to create fresh beverages. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a curated collection of three cocktails to get you on the Tanqueray train.

Malacca Spice & Tonic: A Twist on the Beloved G&T

The storied Malacca route is famous for the spices that were traded on it. The Malacca Spice & Tonic reimagines the beloved gin and tonic, seeking inspiration in that fabled history. Pour 45 ml of Tanqueray Malacca over ice in a highball glass and add 15 ml of ginger syrup. Balance it out with 15 ml of fresh lemon juice, and top the remaining glass with premium tonic water for that refreshing bubbliness. Stir gently. Take the spicy depth of the Tanqueray up a notch with a lime wheel and a cinnamon stick, enhancing the gin's peppery profile and the tonic's crispness. You now have a drink that has a whole new persona but retains that warm familiarity.

Malacca Oriental Martini: A Modern Classic

If you find comfort in the old but get a kick out of the new, the Malacca Oriental Martini is where tradition meets innovation. Start with 50 ml of Tanqueray Malacca, pour 10 ml of dry vermouth, and add a dash of orange bitters. Stir this blend over ice until perfectly chilled, and strain it into a martini glass. The garnish, a pinch of orange zest, plays up the gin’s citrus notes, adding a sophisticated finish to this cocktail. Your Sunday evening chill-out just got more elevated!

Malacca Clover Club: A Medley of Sweet and Sour

Things begin to get interesting with this one. As the trusted Malacca gets a delicious makeover, it turns into the Malacca Clover Club—an artful blend of sweet, sour, and herby. Begin by muddling a handful of fresh raspberries in a shaker. Add 50 ml of Tanqueray Malacca, 15 ml of fresh lemon juice, 15 ml of raspberry syrup and an egg white. If you’re vegan, replace the egg with aquafaba for an experience that perfectly mimics the taste of the original. Shake without ice first, then add ice and shake again. Double-strain into a chilled coupe glass. This pink-hued, silky cocktail, as pretty to look at as it is to sip, will certainly put you in the hall of fame for hosting.

In a nod to responsible enjoyment, because all good things taste best in moderation, each of these cocktails contains no more than 50 ml of Tanqueray Malacca. For those preferring non-alcoholic options, fret not; we have got you covered. These recipes can be adapted using Diageo's non-alcoholic gin to mimic the original idea behind the cocktails. Whether you're a seasoned spirit enthusiast or still finding your way into the world of cocktails, these creations can take you on a memorable flavour journey where the star of the show is Tanqueray Malacca. So, let's raise our glasses to the art of fine cocktail making and the joy of sipping responsibly. Cheers!


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