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Here's A 7-Step Guide For Sampling London Dry Gin

gordon's london dry gin

Having been around for more than 300 years, gin is used to make some of the widely popular cocktails. The London Dry Gin is a sophisticated version of the spirit infused with a blend of botanicals. Notably famous for its smooth taste, it is particularly made using juniper balanced with other botanicals such as coriander seed, citrus peel, and orris root.

The preparation of London Dry Gin is governed by strict specifications and regulations. To be labelled as London Dry Gin,  the gin must be distilled to a minimum of 37.5 percent alcohol by volume. It should not have added colour or sugars.  

The London Dry Gin is a notable spirit as it is perfect for any occasion. It can be sipped neat or mixed to make a refreshing cocktail.

Below is a step-by-step guide to sampling London Dry Gin  

Choosing the right glass

london dry gin glasses

A classic London Dry Gin is refreshingly crisp and effervescent. To sample it, choose a highball glass filled with ice and pour the drink over it. A tulip glass could also work as its balloon shape concentrates the aromas at the end of the glass. The aromas are gradually directed above so you can catch its whiff. This way you can check the quality of the gin in the best possible way.  A light-bodied wine glass can work as its substitute.


The appearance of the liquor should be as clear as crystal. This is because it starts out as a clear liquid produced out of botanicals. The colourless liquid is then distilled in copper stills to create the ultimate spirit we relish. So, a London Dry Gin stands out in its appearance, or rather lack thereof.


Choosing a glass like the highball glass or the tulip glass will help in the aromas wafting from the bottom to the top and into your nose. Since the key ingredient in the London Dry Gin is juniper berries, the spirit should have strong notes of it balanced with those of citrus fruits and herbs such as coriander, angelica root, and orange peel.


While sampling the spirit, you will get a zesty taste, predominantly of the juniper. The berry has a tart, sharp taste and a resinous flavour. Overall, the spirit has a herbaceous and floral flavour profile. The gin has a distinct mouthfeel, smooth yet bold. Poorly made London Dry Gin will have an overtly sweet taste and will be harsh on your palate, indicating that the spirit has been made using lower-quality ingredients.


While sampling this particular spirit, watch out for the subtle sweetness that will linger on your palate. Your palate will feel refreshed and invigorated.

gordon's london dry gin


Since this spirit is well-distilled spirit, It requires a slight amount of water, so that the alcohol concentration is a little diluted.

Serving Temperature

London Dry Gin packs a punch when it comes to flavour. So while sampling it, simply get it with a large ice cube. Take sips as the ice slowly melts and the spirit's temperature cools down and flavours develop in the glass. We recommend Gordon's The Original London Dry Gin.

You can also consider the age of the gin while sampling it as it has a direct impact on its quality. Younger gins have a stronger profile of juniper while older ones have a balanced flavour. The older the gin, the smoother it tastes.

While it is alright to indulge in beverages sometimes, it always helps to consume alcohol in moderation. It is important to serve and drink responsibly. For that, one needs to heed to the limitations. If you know someone who has trouble limiting their alcohol consumption, you need to refer them to a professional immediately. It is key to ensure that you are healthy and out of harm's way.

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