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Here’s A Guide To Building And Managing Your Whisky Collection

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Starting your whisky collection is like diving into a new hobby. It's a mix of excitement, a bit of trial and error, and loads of fun discoveries along the way. Some might even compare the experience to having your own personal playground for taste—no right or wrong, just what you enjoy and what piques your curiosity.

Kick Off with What You Like

First things first: what do you actually like to drink? If you've got a soft spot for the sweet, caramel notes of bourbon, that's a great starting point. Maybe you lean more towards the smoky mystique of a good Scotch, like Johnnie Walker Blue Label or Black Label. It's like figuring out your favourite kind of movie—start with what you know you love.

Branch Out

Now that you’ve got your go-tos, why not add a little variety? If you're usually a Bourbon buff, try a peaty Scotch or a spicy rye. It's like adding a new genre to your Netflix queue—you might find a new favourite in a place you didn't expect.

Your Collection's Headliners

Every whisky collection has its stars. These aren't just any bottles; they're the ones that have a cool story, a rare pedigree or just mean something special to you. Akin to a signed bat or rare vinyl in your collection, you are proud of these headliners.

Storing Your Whisky

As complicated as it might seem, keeping your whisky in good shape isn't rocket science. A cool, dark place is ideal. You don't want them lying on their side like wine; keep them upright to avoid messing with the cork. And keeping track? It's as simple as a list on your phone or a notebook. Jot down what you have and what you think about each one. It's like keeping track of the books you've read or the movies you've watched.

Tasting and Sharing

Here’s the best part: sharing your collection with friends. Think of it like hosting a casual dinner party. It's relaxed, there's good conversation, and you get to show off your collection. You might just influence your friends into becoming whisky connoisseurs.

Open or Save?

Your collection will have its stars and supporting characters—some bottles you'll open on a whim and others you'll save for milestones. A bottle of Singleton 18 might be reserved for a significant event, while Black & White could be your go-to for a casual Friday night. This balance ensures that your collection is not just a display but a living, breathing part of your life.

Keep Learning and Connecting

Finally, just keep swimming in the whisky world. Read up, join forums, and go to tastings. Whiskies like Johnnie Walker Gold Label or Singleton variants offer a range of flavours for discussion. Plus, it's a great way to meet new people who share your interests.

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