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Home Bartenders Master The Art of Bar Cart Styling

Unleashing Style And Functionality Cover

If you consider the bar cart the store for liquor and accessories, you may miss out on the aesthetics of owning a bar cart. A bar cart is a subtle combination of design and function. It is a decor that offers a pleasant view with bar drinks, bar tools and other accessories. Whether you have a bar cart or plan to get one, you must review this article for a handful of exquisite styling ideas.

Tips for styling your bar cart

A bar cart is much more than only about carrying your bar drinks. The below-mentioned tips can be helpful in this matter

1. Choose a perfect bar cart

Selecting the Perfect Bar CartWhen buying a bar cart, you must keep a few things in mind - where you will put it, the bar cart must be in balance with the rest of your room. There should be enough space in the cart to hold the liquor, the accessories, etc. For a sturdy look for party decor, you may choose a brass or gold finish metal cart.

2. Add relevant bar tools and accessories

Organizing EssentialsIn the next step, store relevant bar cart accessories and tools. Some common bar tools are cocktail shaker, bar spoon, muddler, jigger, strainer, peeler, bar knife, corkscrew and bottle opener. Apart from these, you may add unique tools such as fruit picks and metal cocktail straws. However, all these tools and accessories must express your taste and complement your bar cart.

3. Elevate the cart charm with attractive barware

Balancing Functionality and Style
You should choose barware that is essential, attractive and practical. You must avoid stocking your car with regular plates and cracked glassware. It would be pleasing to find the bar cart redesigned with symmetrically arranged glasses from the back to the front of the cart. It can achieve a sleek look with stackable glassware.

4. Select the adequate liquor and mixers

When it comes to storing liquor and mixers like J and B whiskey, you should be careful. You must organize and prioritize the liquor which you enjoy the most. Select a range of spirits that can cater to you and your guests. Whiskeys, gin, beer, and vodka are some popular choices.

Along with them, you must add mixers like tonic water, fruit juices, soda and bitters. However, you must remember to arrange all these bottles properly to bring out the cart's sophisticated and aesthetic appearance.

5. Include decorative pieces to connect the whole set-up

You must finish the blending and styling of the bar cart by adding decorative pieces to the cart as party decor. You may adorn this practical furniture with small plant or floral arrangements, linen cocktail napkins, or anything quirky that adds charm to the whole set-up.

To sum up
You should handle the styling of the bar cart with gentle hands. It will allow you to enjoy your ecstatic and aesthetically satisfied bar drinks. The style and functionality of the bar cart depends on how you want to approach it. 

Whatever you do, you must never add too many things to the cart. Add only special drinks like J and B whiskey to your bar cart. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will build yourself a spectacularly functional bar cart.

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