The 5 Best Party Snacks To Pair With Sangria

Hosting A Sangria Party? Try These 5 Lip-Smacking Food Pairings

One of the best drinks to prepare at a summer brunch or intimate game night hosted during warm weather, sangria is a delicious cocktail brimming with the sour and tangy notes of citrus fruits and the intensity of good quality red, white or sparkling wines. What makes this cocktail stand out at house parties is the ease with which it can be prepared and how quickly it introduces a buzz that is perfect for raising the roof at intimate, informal meet ups.

So, when you are next hosting a small group of friends at home, you might want to throw a sangria-centric party to enjoy all the boozy goodness of this classic Spanish cocktail.

Planning for such a party means looking at multiple sangria variations which can be prepared according to the taste preferences of your guests. You can also craft a food menu that pairs well with sangria so guests can enjoy some delicious culinary delights along with the boozy cocktail.

Moreover, a sangria party spells good taste without the obligation of making it a very sophisticated affair. So make sure you adjust the vibe of your party in a way that is welcoming without being a formal do.

Read on below for some ideas around how to serve sangria and pair it with different foods at your next summer party:

Sangria Variations

At a sangria party, you would want to offer different types of this cocktail so guests can enjoy several interesting concoctions made from wine and fruits. Keep in store merlots, chardonnays and pinot grigios well-suited to both red and white wine sangria recipes. You can prepare a rosé sangria too, for revelling in the flavours of a sparkling wine and swap out the brandy for quality white rum in this recipe. Additionally, if mangoes and pineapples are in season in the tropics, you can also prepare sangria variations celebrating these summer fruits to infuse a more refreshing touch into the cocktail.

Hosting A Sangria Party? Try These 5 Lip-Smacking Food Pairings

DIY Sangria Stations

Another way to make your sangria party interesting is to set-up DIY stations where guests can prepare their own take on the cocktail. Here, offer cut up fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples and more which can be muddled into the sangria. Along with this, lay out a bottle or two of Captain Morgan Dark Rum or Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka as liquor options to build the base of this cocktail. You can also tuck recipe cards to the DIY station so guests can glance at the method before mixing their drink.

Sangria Glasses

Another important aspect of any cocktail event is glassware. A drink served in the right glass releases its aromas and elevates the experience of savouring the mix. You can use long-stemmed wine glasses to swirl the cocktail and explore its fragrances or you can go for mason jars and goblets if your cocktail is heavily loaded with chopped fruits. And when you are making a large batch of sangrias, serve it in pitchers or carafes so the drink and all the fruits within can be readily poured into serving glasses.

Hosting A Sangria Party? Try These 5 Lip-Smacking Food Pairings

Colourful Ambience

Sangria has origins in Spanish regions and it is often enjoyed here as a drink on festive and celebratory occasions. Undoubtedly, a party featuring sangria as its most seductive prospect ought to contain this cheery vibe with lots of music and colourful red, green, white and yellow drapes and throws reflecting a gay atmosphere. You can set up small tables with colourful tablecloths and colourful wine glasses to enhance the lively appeal of this setting.

Food Pairings

At a sangria party, what you need is an array of tapas or Spanish appetisers that would go well with the drink. Serve croquettes, tortillas, patatas bravas as well as grilled chorizos and chicken skewers as flavourful munchies. Seafood also pairs splendidly with sangria so you might want to serve pipirrana or a Spanish seafood salad and even a classic seafood paella for a more wholesome meal that will complement the sour and citrusy qualities of the cocktail.


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