Hosting Tips and Tricks for A Home Bartender

The Art Of Flair Bartending Techniques And Entertainment

Bartending is a special skill that involves making and pouring drinks and entertaining the guests. With a flick of the wrist and a twirl of bottles, bartenders conjure a symphony of visual delight, transforming the bar into a stage. It involves manipulating the bar tools and liquor bottles visually appealingly. When you have excellent bar decor, flair bartending will add a dazzling experience to the overall atmosphere. Let us share some famous bar tricks that you may encounter while sipping your favourite cocktails at bar.

Most common Flair Bartending tricks For a Home Bartender 

If you have arranged a house party, you may want to lift your game and surprise your guests with a few bartending tricks.In the captivating world of flair bartending, precision takes center stage, ensuring a mesmerizing performance without losing your own balance. Some common flair bartending tricks you may learn:

1. Basic flip

If you are a newbie to bartending, you may start with the easiest one - basic flip. All you have to do is hold the bottle by its neck and spin it around in front of your body before getting a hold of it again. The drink will pour itself when they are in position. This simple trick may amaze your guests at the pool party.

2. Ice throwing

At the bar, something is always thrown off in the air before catching it again - be it ice, glass or bottle. If you know juggling, this trick will be easy for you. This trick is as simple as it sounds - throw some ice in the air and catch them flawlessly in your drink. If you are a home bartender, this trick works pretty well.

3. Bottle Stalls

This art of flair bartending is for the pro-bartenders. This requires precision and appropriate use of hands. You need to get the bottle spinning for a while in your hand before catching it again. After that, you can either hold the bottle and grab it by its neck or let go. However, you must be careful to handle the bottle while spinning. You don’t add any blemish to your bar decor by breaking a bottle.

4. Palm spin

Palm spinning is one of the coolest flair bartending tricks you can perform at any pool party. However, you must have dedication to do a full 360-degree mark. Start with two spins first and gradually move up the ladder.

5. Ten out of ten

This bartending trick involves performing with a bar tool ten times in a row. You may miss out initially after nine times. However, if you remain dedicated to learning the trick, you can achieve it and perform flawlessly as a home bartender.

6. Tin pivots

Tin pivot is for the advanced level of bartenders. When you spin horizontally, you must keep your thumbs and fingers out of the way. Once you achieve this, you can rotate it on an axis by holding one side or another. It is time to wow your guests at your house party.

Wrapping Up
Flair bartending has become a central part of the bars - be it at any house or pool party. People love enjoying precise entertainment while enjoying their cocktails at bar. If you keep practising this art, you will achieve the flair of bartending techniques one after another.

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