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How Conscious Consumers Drove The Organic Spirits Trend: An Earth Day Special

The Rising Trend Of Organic Spirits: Benefits For Earth-Conscious Consumers

Over time, the trend of holistic living and conscious consumerism has translated into transforming liquor cultures too so that more and more patrons of fine spirits are now choosing to savour organic drinks in a bid to move towards ecologically-friendly ways of enjoying tipples.

Slowly and steadily, this rising trend of organic spirits is inevitably becoming beneficial for earth-conscious consumers invested in reducing their carbon footprint and moving towards conserving the environment by encouraging responsible agricultural practices.

What Are Organic Spirits?

Broadly, organic spirits refer to those wines or liqueurs that are prepared using grains and fruits that are nurtured on farms and vineyards without spraying any harmful pesticides or fertilisers and are therefore exposed very little to toxic chemicals.

These plants are cultivated using herbicides or natural manure, in most conventional ways, and a lot of times in small batches to avoid using the mechanised resources required to thresh and process them before they are ready to be converted into alcohol. Such liquors essentially work towards reducing environmental pressure to deliver cleaner spirits that are more friendly towards the ecology.

Over time, different spirits makers across the world have been experimenting with ways to produce wines, tequila and mezcal in more eco-friendly ways either by sourcing the produce required to make the spirits in naturally growing forests or by cultivating it using organic practices. This has resulted in creating several tequila or mezcal variants and even fine wines which carry a distinct flavour of the soil from which the fruits originate. Often, these are named after the villages and forests where they are found.

The Rising Trend Of Organic Spirits: Benefits For Earth-Conscious Consumers

Benefits For Earth-Conscious Consumers

The health benefits of consuming organic produce notwithstanding, spirits crafted by adopting such responsible practices have a much broader positive impact for earth-conscious consumers. One of the most pleasurable of these benefits is a taste and flavour profile of the spirits that is robust, pronounced and utterly one of a kind. When tequila is produced using blue agave that grows naturally, it is only evident that no two batches of the spirit will taste the same. This creates more room for connoisseurs of the spirit to enjoy varied delectable, intense flavours of the spirit and relish their diverse tastes and textures along with the effect this has on the different cocktails prepared out of the tequila variants.

Simultaneously, opting for such organic spirits also means that those fond of fine liquors would opt for small-batch wines and beers, that is, drinks which are produced using artisanal processes, without engaging in the techniques required for mass manufacturing. This method not only enables earth-friendly consumers to be more mindful of their consumption practices but it allows them to revel in the deeper and well-rounded profiles of the spirits that emerge from these small batches.

Greater Concentration

Beers crafted using this technique contain a far greater concentration of flavour and boozy content, loading the spirit with a rather intense and bold profile. Such a drink also feels heavier on the palate, rather than becoming too diluted or watery. It contains a thicker froth and density that is characteristic of small-batch, artisanal drinks prepared by giving lots of attention to detail.

Another benefit for earth-friendly, conscious consumers lies in the relative transparency that is accorded to artisanal spirits produced in small, local distilleries. It is comparatively easier to trace where the spirits were made and how they arrived in your liquor cabinet because organic certifications detailing the methods used to craft these blends most often than not divulge such relevant information to ensure transparency. If that’s not enough, when such drinks are crafted by local breweries or distilleries, earth-conscious consumers automatically end up giving a shout out to homegrown businesses, in turn boosting local economies.

So, the next time you head out to buy a spirit, go on over to the local farmer’s market or organic store that stocks up on these artisanal choices to lighten the burden on local ecosystems and conserve biodiversity, one small step at a time.


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