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How Much Vodka Is Too Much? Spirit To Mixer Ratios For Refreshing Summer Drinks

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When summer arrives, it brings with it the season for pool parties, tiki parties, island themed gatherings and garden brunches where you would serve chilled quenchers that soothe you in the warm weather. Many summer cocktails involve adding vodka into the recipe because the versatility of the spirit makes it malleable enough as the core ingredient in many drinks containing citrus fruit juices. These tangy mixers introduce a blast of freshness and flavour into vodka cocktails making them perfect alternatives for summer gatherings.

Prepare boozy popsicles or frozen cocktails that resemble iced slushies using these blends and serve them to guests lounging by the pool at the next summer party you host. A translucent spirit with a touch of citrus notes and a soft finish, vodka can be mixed with orange juice, grapefruits, ginger beer and many other mixers to craft classic cocktails that have retained their popularity through time. Getting the ratios right in these recipes means preparing a balanced drink with lots of flavour and a kick well-suited to a party.

Read on below to know more about the spirit to juice ratios required to make these refreshing vodka infused summer drinks:

Classic Screwdriver

A simple mixture of orange juice and vodka, this cocktail can be prepared in large batches at a party which means you need to be even more careful of the ratio of spirit to mixer to ensure the drink is appropriately boozy and flavourful. Use two parts of freshly squeezed orange juice with every one part of Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka for preparing this classic cocktail. Additionally, you can also pour a splash of lime juice proportionate to the quantity of the cocktail being prepared and your taste preferences, to elevate the zestiness in the drink.

How Much Vodka Is Too Much? Spirit To Juice Ratios For Refreshing Summer Drinks

Bloody Mary

Making a bloody mary involves mixing vodka with tomato juice and a touch of tabasco which gives the drink its signature spicy touch. You can relish a well made bloody mary by preparing a concoction using 30 ml of Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka for two parts or 60 ml tomato juice so the tangy mixer balances the intensity of the spirit. Preparing a bloody mary means paying close attention to all ratios to tone down the overtly tomatoey notes. Use a salt rimmed glass as garnish for a perfect flavour balance of bitter, tangy and salty flavours.

Vodka Cranberry

Another classic combination, vodka and cranberry juice is consumed widely because it can be prepared easily and in large batches to be served at gatherings involving lots of people coming together to relax on a summer day. You can mix a vodka and cranberry concoction using one part of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka for every two parts of the tangy juice. If you are serving the drink with ice you might want to increase the amount of vodka you add to avoid diluting the drink.

How Much Vodka Is Too Much? Spirit To Juice Ratios For Refreshing Summer Drinks

Sea Breeze Cocktail

Cranberry and grapefruit juice come together in this mix to prepare a cocktail that is as refreshing as it is boozy and delicious. The tangy notes of the fruit juices coupled with vodka make for a bitter, sour and sweet mix that is a welcome on warm evenings. For three parts of cranberry juice, use two parts grapefruit and one part Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka to craft a fruit-forward, rejuvenating cocktail.

Moscow Mule

Bringing together the sharp, spicy notes of ginger and the fizz in ginger beer with the kick of a Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka, the moscow mule can be your go to drink in summer for its zesty punch. Prepare this cocktail with two parts ginger beer for one part vodka and if you feel the drink is still too strong, you can add some ice to balance out the flavours.

Vodka Lemonade

A classic and timeless combination, prepare this cocktail using one part Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka for every two parts of tangy and sweet lemonade. You can incorporate lemon lime soda or club soda in the cocktail if you want to turn it into a fizzy drink. Garnish with mint springs for a mojito-like island party feel.


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