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How To Ace The Viral Snow Globe Cocktail For Christmas

Snow Globe Cocktail

With the holiday season in full swing and classic Christmas tunes making a comeback on social media, there is a new viral trend that’s been making the rounds. Enter the Snow Globe Cocktail, a drink that’s a simple mix of a few ingredients but cuts a delicate figure, perfect for those Instagram moments. Here’s a guide to creating this drink that’s sure to be the star of your Christmas gatherings and your social media.

This cocktail’s pull lies in its simplicity and visual appeal. It's designed to look like a cutesy snow globe, complete with a floating miniature Christmas tree. The magic? A sprig of rosemary, frozen to stand upright in your glass, simulates a pine tree in a snowy scene. It’s a creative hack that's catching eyes on social media, turning each glass into a mini-winter fairy tale.

Here’s how to craft your festive snow globe:

Getting the basics right with rosemary

Kick off with a strong sprig of rosemary. This garnish is your centrepiece, so choose a stem with some spring to it. It adds a festive look and a subtle herby flavour that can elevate the profile of your cocktail. To create that dreamy winter scene in your glass, pour about an inch of water and submerge the rosemary sprig upside down. It’s a simple step that sets the stage for your snow globe. For a festive base, we recommend starting with 45 ml Smirnoff Vodka instead of plain water. The clarity of the liquid will ensure that all eyes remain on the rosemary tree.

The freezing technique 

Next, put the glass in the freezer. You must ensure that your glass is freezer-safe. The goal is to turn the water into an ice block, securing the rosemary in an upright position. If the sprig leans, tie it with a ribbon or string, securing the ends outside the glass. Once frozen, your rosemary tree will stand tall on a block of ice.

Assembling the cocktail

If your base is vodka, you can top off the rest of the glass with soda water and a few drops of lemon juice. But if you started off clean with just water as the base, you can pour in 30 ml Don Julio, followed by sparkling mineral water. The fizziness of the sparkling mixer will create a snowy effect, replicating a mini-winter wonderland. Season with some lime juice, and you’re good to go.

Think about it: when was the last time a drink did more than just quench your thirst? While many cocktail trends have come and gone, the viral Snow Globe seems like a promising contender for this season's showstopper at holiday parties. While the drink first went viral in December last year, it has made a comeback just in time for Christmas festivities. So grab a glass and join the snow globe fever!

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