How To Choose The Right Gin For Your Gimlet

gimlet cocktail with lime

A classic in the realm of cocktails, the gimlet traces its origins back to the 19th century when a version of the drink was consumed by British soldiers to battle scurvy. The simplicity and flexibility of the drink–spirit, citrus, sugar and water–have allowed it to withstand the test of time. Its tart and refreshing flavour profile has made the drink a favourite amongst cocktail lovers. 

Despite its simple ingredient list, over the decades, people have found many different ways of concocting a gimlet by experimenting with different ratios of spirit, citrus and sugar. Let’s begin with the absolute basics, and look at how to choose the right gin to create a delicious gimlet. Before that, let’s look at two famously distinct gins–Tanqueray and Gordon’s–and why they go well gimlets. 

The Flavour Profile of Tanqueray and Gordon’s 

Created by Charles Tanqueray in the 1830s, Tanqueray is an iconic brand of gin known for its dry and crisp flavour profile. Made from juniper, coriander, liquorice and angelica root, you would expect the bitterness of juniper to overpower your tastebuds, but not in Tanqueray, where the bitter flavour is absent. Instead, your tastebuds will be greeted with a soft, lemony sweetness, making it an ideal accompaniment to a gimlet. 

More than 250 years ago, Alexander Gordon created a classic, dry gin by the name of Gordon’s; the recipe has been left untouched since. It is a triple distilled spirit that is also flavoured with juniper berries, angelica, coriander and other botanicals that loan it a zesty taste, making it a great addition to your gimlet.

tanqueray vs gordon's

What Gin Should You Use in Your Gimlet?

If you prefer a refined and complex flavour profile, Tanqueray offers a sophisticated spin to the gimlet. You can thank the well-balanced botanicals in the gin that complement the citrusy notes of the lime juice, to create a symphonic interplay of flavours. Synonymous with refinement, Tanqueray is an excellent choice for those looking for an elevated gimlet experience.

However, if you are in the mood for a classic and like bold juniper notes, you cannot go wrong with Gordon’s in your gimlet. Its dry and crisp flavour profile provides a solid foundation for the lime juice to harmonise with the juniper to create a cocktail that is nothing short of refreshing.

Finishing Off Your Drink With Garnishes

Herby and citrusy elements make for perfect gimlet garnishes. You can experiment with lime twists and wedges, or sprigs of fresh herbs to emphasise your chosen gin’s personality. We would recommend pairing your Gordon’s with a lime wedge garnishing or even cucumber slices. As for your gimlet made of Tanqueray, you can pair it with either fresh mint or a grapefruit wedge to create a complex citrus flavour profile.


What Gin for What Occasion?

Although there is no right or wrong occasion to enjoy a bottle of Tanqueray or Gordon’s, the flavour profiles of both gins may dictate how you choose to enjoy them. If it is a formal gathering and you want to impress your guests with a complex, refined flavour then Tanqueray is a good option to go with. On the other hand, owing to its versatility, Gordon’s is great for casual gatherings.

A classic gin-based drink with enduring appeal, it is no wonder that the gimlet has continued to reign high amongst cocktail aficionados. And what better way to elevate the taste of a gimlet than by using the very best gin bottled in the form of Gordon’s and Tanqueray, which you can use as per the occasion and your taste preferences? To reiterate, choose Gordon’s for its time-honoured simplicity and Tanqueray for its refined sophistication to craft a gimlet that can be savoured.