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Japan-Inspired Food & Drinks To Throw The Coolest Ramen & Sake Party In Town!

Japan-Inspired Food & Drinks To Throw The Coolest Ramen & Sake Party In Town!

Japanese cuisine and drinks have always held a unique place in the food and beverage world. Nowadays, we see more and more people getting curious about it and indulging in the same. Ramen and sake are two such Japanese staples that have always held their own in the food and drink pyramid and have been a crowd-favourite combo for decades!

These days we’ve started to see more and more people incorporate the Japanese staples of ramen and sake into their gatherings and almost always leaving an indelible mark on their guests!

Read on for tips on how to transform your next gathering into a culinary journey with the allure of Japan by setting up a smashing ramen bar and organising delicious and informative sake tastings for your attendees!

Japan-Inspired Food & Drinks To Throw The Coolest Ramen & Sake Party In Town!

Setting Up The Ramen Bar

The Ramen Bar lies at the heart of your event. It’s essential to set the stage with an array of authentic Japanese ingredients, meticulously prepared to tantalise taste buds. 

Start off with the base of the ramen—a rich, savoury broth. Put a variety of broths on offer, from the classic tonkotsu to a fragrant miso and the delicate shoyu. Every broth will compel your guests to savour every spoonful.

Next up, present an assortment of noodles, each with its own unique blueprint and character. From delicate egg noodles to hearty wheat noodles, let your attendees be the judge of flavour and customise their ramen experience to suit their personal preferences. 

Japan-Inspired Food & Drinks To Throw The Coolest Ramen & Sake Party In Town!

Provide a vast array of toppings to complement the noodles. Keep an enticing selection of toppings for your guests, from crisp nori and perfectly boiled eggs to tender chashu pork and marinated bamboo shoots. Encourage creativity and experimentation and creativity so that your guests feel emboldened to craft their own culinary masterpieces.

Finally, bring it home with a medley of condiments and seasonings. From fragrant garlic paste to umami-rich bonito flakes, spicy chilli oil to tangy vinegar, these will serve as the finishing touches which transform a simple bowl of ramen into a roaring symphony of flavours for your guests.

Organising Sake Tastings

As guests savour their delicious bowls of ramen, bring them in, to explore the wonderful world of Sake with a specially curated tasting experience. Hire a Sake enthusiast and presenter (or take on the challenge yourself!) by introducing your attendees to Japan's most famous and revered rice wine, guiding them through the depth and complexity of this ancient beverage.

Begin with a brief overview of Sake production in Japan and highlight the craftsmanship and tradition that goes into each and every sake bottle. To add an interesting yet informative element,  insights into the brewing process, from rice polishing to fermentation, and the factors that influence the final flavour profile, can be shared with the guests. 

Japan-Inspired Food & Drinks To Throw The Coolest Ramen & Sake Party In Town!

Next comes the fun part! Invite your guests to sample a selection of the choicest Sakes, ranging from bold and robust to crisp and refreshing. Provide tasting notes and gentle guidance to help guests appreciate the complex subtleties of each sake, from the earthy undertones of junmai to the floral notes of ginjo. Encouraging conversation and discussion as guests exchange their impressions and preferences will foster a massive sense of discovery and camaraderie amongst your gathering.

So don’t waste too much time and throw a Japan-inspired party to transport your guests to the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene countryside of Kyoto, as they indulge in a feast for the senses and profusely thank you for it! With a Ramen Bar and Sake tastings, you’re not just hosting a party – you’re creating an unforgettable culinary experience for your guests which celebrates the rich history and heritage of Japan along with celebrating different tastes and traditions, and transcending cultures and borders.

Let your guests embark on a gastronomic adventure through the diverse flavours and textures of these Japanese staples and enjoy the ride!

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