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Last-Minute Birthday Party Planning Ideas For Your Bestie

Birthday Party cover

Last-minute birthday party planning for your bestie? Don’t worry we got you covered. We have a bunch of ideas that are easy and simple to implement. You will make your bestie feel loved and cherished with the birthday bash. 

Easy Birthday Planning Ideas

1. Easy Party Decor Ideas

Party Decorr
Planning a last-minute birthday party for your bestie can be challenging. If you have a budget and means, you can plan a themed birthday party. A simple birthday party would also mean a great deal to your best friend. So whatever may be your case, here are a few party decors we think might be useful for you.

- Balloons 
A simple, easily available and great option for party decor. You can make a balloon arch or simply spread it on the floor for a festive touch.

- Party Streamers
They are chic and elegant. You can make your own party streamers to give it a personal touch. They are inexpensive and typically made with craft papers. You can use crepe streamers to decorate ceilings, and walls and even make elegant garlands out of it! 

- Floral Decors
An ultimate party decor that will add a delicate touch to your party. The fresh fragrance and their beauty are sure to entice the guests. Your bestie will fall in love with this! You can use flower vases as centrepieces, delicate garlands can be used to hang around the venue, etc. There is so much you can do with this party decor.

- Themed Party Decors
If you are going ahead with a party theme, then align your decor accordingly. You could be throwing a comic-themed party for your bestie or turn your venue into a tropical escape. Whatever may be the party theme, there are so many ways you can decorate your space. It could be a little time-consuming, however with simple things you can pull it all together even last-minute. For example, a tropical birthday party theme could have floral decors that have vibrant colours, balloon wreaths, green crepe streamers etc    

2. Easy Party Menu Ideas

Party Menuu
Party menu planning can be a little difficult. If you can cook it all, it’s great. But let’s face it, with hectic schedules and last-minute planning it could be a little overwhelming to get it all together. So why not, opt for something simple yet absolutely delicious? Here are a few party menu ideas for you.

- Make it a pizza party!
Don’t have a caterer? Can’t cook a lavish meal? Don’t worry! You can have a delicious party spread with pizza too. It’s a universal and crowd-favourite food. If your bestie loves pizzas, then this will definitely be a special treat for them! Additionally, don’t forget to include a few appetisers like chicken wings, garlic bread and some drinks to go with it. Also, have some vegetarian alternatives for your guests with dietary restrictions. 

- Assorted dessert delights
A decadent array of assorted desserts will get anyone drooling at the sight! If your bestie has a sweet tooth then this party menu idea will make elate them to no bounds. Assemble all their favourite desserts and then some. Make it a delicious dessert party if you can. Most dessert places can take orders a day before, making this one of the best birthday party planning this is a great idea.

- A scrumptious buffet
If your budget and time allow, have a lavish spread that will delight any taste buds. Include everything from appetizers to desserts in your party menu and make it an indulgent one. If your bestie is a foodie, this will surely delight them and the party guests!

3. Birthday Party Games Ideas

Birthday Party Games
A birthday party is incomplete without some activities and games. It will add to the fun and make the day extremely memorable. Here are a few ideas for party games.

- Karaoke
Sing your hearts out with a karaoke session that's sure to be a hit. Make a huge playlist of various songs that you and your bestie vibe to and create some fun-filled moments. This will surely make their day extra special.

- Board games
Board games are a great way to keep everyone entertained. There are plenty of games that appeal to different types of people. Choose the ones that are most likely to catch the interest of your bestie and your party guests. These are popular board games to consider - murder mystery, Monopoly, chess, etc.

- Outdoor games
Outdoor games can be full-filling and exciting for birthday party celebrations. You can have a range of party games if your venue is outdoors. Some of the games that you can play are cornhole, charades, giant jenga, twisters, football, etc.

4. Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Bestie

Thoughtful Birthday
Now that birthday party planning is sorted, have you thought about the perfect birthday gift yet? If not here are a few gifting ideas to get you started:

- Spa
If your bestie has a hectic schedule chances are that they haven’t had time to pamper themselves. This is your chance to treat them to a spa day at home or at a nearby salon. This is a perfect birthday gift where they will enjoy the much-needed break!

- Self-care gift hamper
Put together a birthday gift hamper with all the things to help them care for their self better. From bath bombs to essential oils, assemble their favourites and wrap them in a beautiful basket. Your bestie will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness and will enjoy the gift!

- All the treats they love
A birthday gift basket with all the delicious goodies like chocolate and baked treats? Yum! Isn’t it? This will definitely delight them. Assemble all the favourite goodies and put them in a stylish bamboo basket. This birthday gift will be a true treat to their senses.

- Cocktail kits
Do they love sipping cocktails? Do they try their hand at mixing some simple and easy cocktails at home? In that case, a cocktail kit would be a perfect last-minute birthday gift. Many top-shelf brands offer curated cocktail kits with a base spirit, mixer, matching glassware and some garnishing ideas. You could add some bar tools along with it and make it a complete set! Your bestie will be blown away with this gifting idea!

5. Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
Last but not least, this one is a must-have for any birthday party. Most cake shops take last-minute orders so you should be fine. Based on their likes and interests you can select a birthday cake that will truly be special. They could be a movie buff, a beach bum, a traveller, a bookworm, etc., and you can personalise the birthday cake to include elements and toppings that will definitely touch their heart. 

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