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Love Butter Chicken And Naan? Here Are 6 Drinks To Pair With The Curry

butter chicken and naan

Eating a mouthful of buttery naan lathered in a spicy, tangy and luxurious curry full of the goodness of malai and heavy cream with a piece of perfectly cooked, tender chicken marinated in the yummiest spices is what Barbara Streisand would describe as ‘the perfect bite!’ Murg Makhani or butter chicken is a popular Mughlai chicken dish known for its soft and silky texture and gravy that is as thick and sweet as it is delicious and rich. Butter chicken can be paired with naan well but it tastes just as good with warm, steamed rice. The chicken curry is a mildly spicy, decadent dish which appears simple but actually requires great culinary technique to prepare.

Butter chicken, naan and pickled onions is a delicious meal in itself. It can be paired with varied potent drinks to elevate its flavours and revel in its sweet and creamy notes. From lassi to a pinot noir, butter chicken can go well with a diverse range of drinks that highlight the tangy flavours and milky profile of the indulgent curry. 

Here are some cocktails, spirits and non-alcoholic mixes that you can sip on while gorging on helping upon helping of murg makhani:


This sweet variant of buttermilk is luxurious and thicker than your average chaas. It packs all the creaminess of sweet curd infused with lots of sugar. Lassi has a very singular taste and can be blended with different flavours like rose, mango and butterscotch that form a delectable mix of aromas. If you want to enjoy a slightly spicier version of butter chicken, pair it with lassi to balance the heat.

G&T With Lime

A classic gin and tonic is a very versatile drink that pairs well with many diverse dishes and cuisines. G&T is simple to make and can be garnished with different herbs like rosemary, peppercorns or the citrusy flavours of lime and orange which give it a slightly elevated flavour profile. Pair a classic G&T made using Gordon’s London Dry Gin with a bowl of butter chicken and naan to enjoy a balanced meal, and a light buzz.

drinks with butter chicken

Pinot Noir 

Red wine which has a lighter, less drier note goes well with a dish that is medium spicy. Opt for a classic pinot noir that will highlight the flavours of spices like cardamom, fennel, nutmeg, cloves, peppers and coriander used in the dish to then bring forth their nutty and toasty profiles. The dark red wine with sweeter notes and a fruity finish would pair well with a dish so doused in cream and spicy sweet flavour notes that it spells sheer luxury. You can also swap the noir with gamay or garnacha for similar tasting notes.

Single Malt 

If there is one beverage that goes well with different kinds of Indian curries, rice variations and charred meats, it is a small peg (30 ml) of single malt poured over a bed of ice. Go for a premium Talisker Single Malt Scotch while having a plate of chicken curry and naan. Its peaty, smoky flavours and hints of pepper would form a fine bond with the mild, creamy curry, celebrating its smooth texture. The golden hues of the malt suffusing a delightful glint will also complement the orangey colours of the chicken recipe.

Lemon Tea

A classic warm beverage to soothe the throat after a particularly heavy meal, lemon tea is the perfect non-alcoholic accompaniment for a butter chicken and naan meal. The zesty tang of the lemon and a small mint leaf introducing a freshness into the hot drink are flavours well suited to balance the indulgent profile of this popular Indian curry.

lemon tea

Singleton Plus Two Riverside

A dynamic take on whisky drinking traditions has meant the introduction of new cocktails which are easy to make and create a perfect flavour balance on the tongue. Riverside would contain equal proportions of Singleton, ginger ale and green tea, three favourable ingredients to match the taste and texture of a creamy murgh makhani. Enjoy this classic dish with a modern cocktail for an inventive spin

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