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Make Your Home Match Screening A Win With These Pro Party Tips

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If you’re a fan of sports…be it cricket, football, basketball, hockey or any of the dozens of amazing sports that are screened through the year, you know there’s nothing more thrilling than settling in for a big game day and cheering your team through to a win. The only feeling better than that is to do it with friends. Hosting a match viewing at home can be a thrill ride of emotions and excitement, build new traditions and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

But if you’re the one doing the hosting, it can also come with a unique set of challenges to make sure that all your guests are fed and watered through the event, while also making sure you don’t spend your time running to and fro and missing all the best match moments. 

To help you get in gear for the season and settle in for World Cup matches in style, we put together a quick guide with tips to make hosting a breeze, some super simple cocktails to elevate the experience and some booze-inspired snacks to fuel your guests. 

5 Hosting Tips for Game Day Parties 

Plan Ahead:

Since everyone knows when a big match is coming up, this is unlikely to be an impromptu plan. Take that opportunity to start planning in advance. Consider putting together a theme and decor and drinks around team colours if you want to really make it special, and be sure to write out a list of food and drinks you plan to serve to ensure you have all the ingredients you need. 

Play Zone Wise:

The heart of any game day party is the viewing area. Ensure you have a comfortable and spacious seating arrangement with an unobstructed view of the TV. Around that area, set up easy-to-reach side or end tables for people to stow their drinks and snacks. And if you’re planning designated bar and food areas, be sure to place that within view of the TV too so nobody misses out on the action.

Set Up For Snacks:

No match day is complete without some snacks. Plan a menu that’s primarily hand-held and not too messy so that people can munch without worry wherever they are. Though these events usually call for junk food you can also consider some healthier options like veggie platters and hummus for a more health-conscious choice also with the traditional chips, dips and other finger foods.

Bring On The Booze:

Even if you’re not planning an elaborate cocktail menu, make sure you have some basic drinks on hand. Beer, wine, whisky, vodka, gin, tequila and rum are the staples and will most likely be on call sometime during the event. If not, you’ll be able to add them to your home bar and use them later. Also be sure to stock up on basic mixers like sodas, tonic and juices, plus a few more for friends who may not want to drink. 

Minimise Clean-Up:

Hosting can be a messy affair at the best of times, but that can be exacerbated when spirits are running high during a match. Be sure to have lots of tissues, wet wipes and a bathroom accessible for accidental spills. Consider covering up any valuable fabrics or surfaces and move breakables away for safekeeping. Also, you can also switch to paper glasses and plates for the day (if you don’t mind that it’s not so fancy) and that can save you the headache of washing up later.

5 Simple Game Day Cocktails To Try 

Score Touchdown with Tequila Sunrise:

Visually stunning and super simple to make in seconds the Tequila Sunrise blends vibrant orange juice with tequila and a touch of grenadine, for a charming sunset in a glass. 

Slam Dunk with Sangria:

Perfect to prep in batches the day before. Sangria is a fruity and delightful drink made by combining red or white wine with fresh fruit and a hint of sweetness, delivering a delightful and vibrant Spanish-inspired beverage.

G&T for the Winning Goal:

2 ingredient perfection, the Gin and Tonic is a crisp and timeless cocktail composed of gin and tonic water, garnished with a slice of lime, providing a refreshing and zesty flavour profile. For more flavour, you can add fresh fruit or fruit syrup. 

Win With A White Russian:

Perfect for those evening sessions, the White Russian is a creamy and decadent concoction, mixing vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream for a smooth and indulgent drink that’s almost a dessert

Spiked Arnold Palmer:

Named after famous golfer Arnold Palmer, this usually non-alcoholic drink combines iced tea and lemonade, but can be made ‘adult’ with a splash of your favourite spirit.

5 Boozy Snacks to Enjoy with Drinks 

Beer-Battered Onion Rings:

An all-time bar snack favourite. Create crispy and flavorful onion rings using a beer-based batter. These addictive snacks pair perfectly with your choice of beer or any game-day cocktail.

Whiskey-Glazed Meatballs:

Serve up succulent meatballs smothered in a rich whiskey glaze. The combination of sweet and savoury flavours is a crowd-pleaser and pairs well with a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Vodka-Infused Watermelon Cubes:

For a refreshing twist, soak watermelon cubes in vodka before serving. These boozy bites are a light and hydrating option to balance the heavier game day fare.

Rum-Spiked Guacamole:

Chips are a must for match day, and chips can’t be served without dips. Elevate your guacamole with a splash of rum and a hint of lime. The tropical notes in this dip complement the lively atmosphere of a game-day party.

Bourbon BBQ Sliders:

Mini sliders infused with bourbon in both the patty and the barbecue sauce offer a satisfying combination of flavours. These sliders are a must-try for fans of American football.

Follow these simple tips and try out some of these recipes to elevate your next match-day viewing. Gather your fellow fans, cheer for your team, and enjoy the excitement of game day with style and flair.


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