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Match Your Cocktail To The Succession Character You Most Relate To

Which Succession character are you?

This is not a personality quiz. Let’s be honest: Succession characters aren’t exactly meant to be looked up to, or identified with! But, if you love the show and can't get enough of the characters and are currently stuck on reruns, take this fun quiz and we’ll tell you what cocktail works best for you based on the character you come closest to. 

1. Which Succession character do you sympathise with most?

a) Logan Roy
b) Kendall Roy
c) Roman Roy
d) Shiv Roy
e) Tom Wambsgans

2. What's your approach to work?

a) I'm the boss, and everyone should know it.
b) I'm ambitious and willing to do whatever it takes.
c) I’m an office clown and like having a good time at work.
d) I'm a strategic thinker and prepared for everything.
e) I'm trying to climb the corporate ladder, even if it means the going’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

3. How do you handle social situations?

a) I stay in control.
b) I can be charming when I want to be, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
c) I love making people laugh.
d) I'm reserved and people should leave me alone.
e) I try to fit in with and please others.

Which Succession character are you?

4. What's your go-to fashion style?

a) Classic and chic.
b) Modern.
c) Trendy.
d) Professional and understated.
e) I try to follow trends, but it’s a hit and a miss.

5. How do you handle family dynamics?

a) I'm the one in charge, and my word is law.
b) I have a complicated relationship with my family, but I'm trying to make my mark.
c) I use humour during squabbles and conflicts.
d) I’m everyone’s go-to.
e) I'm still figuring out where I fit in.

6. What's your preferred work environment?

a) A corner office with a view.
b) A dynamic and fast-paced setting.
c) A creative and collaborative space.
d) A structured and organised office.
e) Anywhere that helps me climb the corporate ladder.

7. How do you handle stress?

a) I power through it.
b) I confront the issues head-on.
c) I use humour as a coping mechanism.
d) I strategically plan.
e) I try to blend in and avoid issues.

Succession inspired cocktails

8. How do you handle criticism?

a) I am rarely chastised. I'm the one chastising.
b) I use it to improve.
c) I deflect with humour.
d) I respond diplomatically.
e) I take it to heart and try to please those around me.

9. What's your favourite type of party?

a) A sophisticated cocktail party.
b) A nightclub.
c) A rooftop party.
d) A private and exclusive dinner party.
e) Any party where I can make connections.

10. How do you handle success?

a) I expect it and bask in the glory.
b) I celebrate, but look forward to what’s next.
c) I celebrate with lightheartedness.
d) I acknowledge it and plan for the future.
e) I view it as a stepping stone to what I actually want.

If you mostly answered:

A: You're like Logan Roy – strong and determined. Your drink match is a classic Scotch on the Rocks.

B: You're most like Kendall Roy – ambitious and wanting to make your own name. Your drink match is a bold and ambitious cocktail, like a spicy Margarita.

C: You're most like Roman Roy – unserious and light. Your drink match is a trendy and fun cocktail, like a Mojito.

D: You're most like Shiv Roy – chic and elegant. Your drink match is a classic and iconic, like a Martini.

E: You're most like Tom Wambsgans – quirky and trying really hard. Your drink match is an unconventional cocktail, like a cucumber basil gimlet.

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