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Monsoon Cocktail Gifting Guide: Celebrate the Rainy Season in Style

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Season of rain here with refreshing showers and much-needed coolness from the summer heat. Monsoon calls for indoor parties that truly create memorable moments for everyone involved. From cocktail parties to casual gatherings, there is so much you can do to celebrate the season in style. And when invited to cocktail parties you can’t go empty-handed, can you? So, here’s your monsoon cocktail gifting guide to elevate your moments and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family!

Monsoon-inspired Cocktail Recipes Gift Idea

First and foremost, why not indulge in some monsoon cocktails? You can make a recipe card out of this, or simply mix one and gift your friends and family with a refreshing delight! Here are two recipes, that are simple and sure to be a crowd-pleaser:

1. Classic Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

Mint Julep Cocktail
Truly classic, this one can be savoured all year round! This refreshing concoction combines the invigorating flavours of mint leaves with a hint of sweetness, all wrapped with robust whisky. It’s served over crushed ice and it offers a soothing sensation that will leave you in pure bliss.

Here’s how to mix this monsoon cocktail at home
- Add a few mint leaves and 15ml of simple syrup to a julep cup.
- Muddle gently, ensuring not to tear them. 
- Pour 60ml of Whisky into the cup and stir to combine
- Fill the mix with crushed ice
- Garnish with a sprig of mint and serve.

2. Gin and Tonic Cocktail Recipe

Gin and Tonic Cocktail
Perfect for house parties, Gin and Tonic is a must-have cocktail on the menu! Just like a mint julep, this drink can be savoured all year around and it’s a delectable monsoon cocktail that will surely elevate your moments. The combination of gin and tonic water bends seamlessly offering a refreshing cocktail to sip.

Here’s how to mix this monsoon cocktail at home
- Grab a highball glass and fill it with ice
- Measure and pour 60ml of Tanqueray London Dry gin over the ice
- Top up the drink with tonic water
- Garnish with a wheel of lime and serve

Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Gifting
For aspiring bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts this is the best monsoon gift you could give! The cocktail kit typically will have a top-shelf spirit, a mixer, and matching glassware. You could either find cocktail kits curated by popular brands or simply curate one yourself. Just choose their favourite cocktail and buy all the necessary ingredients needed to whip it up. For example, they love Gin and Tonic cocktails, try gifting them a bottle of Tanqueray or a Gordon’s gin, a tonic water bottle, garnishes and a pair of Copa glasses. For an added touch to your cocktail kit, include a recipe card to go with it! And you are set. This monsoon cocktail gifting idea will surely make them happy!

Flavoured Bitters Set

If they love mixing cocktails at home this will surely come in handy. Curate a selection of some of the top-shelf bitters such as orange, cherry, chocolate etc. This will help in enhancing their mixology skills. They will be really moved by the thought and effort you put into this monsoon gift.

Cocktail Glassware

When you don’t exactly know what to give them, this will be a smooth choice. Simply get a curated selection of cocktail glasses. Like a pair of rocks glass, Copa glasses, martini glasses, etc. This will definitely add a perfect touch to their bar decor and collection. They will be grateful!


What if they are new to bartending? Or simply a cocktail connoisseur who has recently tried their hand at mixing drinks? Well, in that case, there is no better monsoon gift than barware. Choose a high-quality barware set that includes a cocktail shaker, a jigger, a bar spoon and a mixing glass.

These gift ideas are the best way you can elevate your monsoon moments. Mix up a delicious monsoon cocktail or simply gift your host with something thoughtful, these gift ideas will surely leave a lasting impression on them!

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