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New Year, New Spirits: Introducing 2024’s Trending Cocktails

New Year, New Spirits: Introducing 2024’s Trending Cocktails

The start of a new year means a hankering for novel ideas and latest trends that will shape the course of another fresh start. In mixology too, cocktail trends shift every year and there’s always something inventive and fresh that takes centre stage as the calendar changes. Some old drinks are rehashed to present a different take or a unique twist on earlier recipes while some newer concoctions find themselves among the favourites of mixologists and cocktail aficionados.

And as innovative and diverse mixes are experimented with, some new flavours and textures have come up which make 2024’s cocktail trends simply fascinating. From savoury cocktails to an enhanced inclusion of fruity and floral ingredients in cocktail mixes, there are so many interesting variations coming up that are about to become extremely popular in the months to follow. These drinking trends are influenced as much by developments in mixology as by influencers on social media sharing their take on cocktail cultures.

Read on below to know more about which trending cocktails you can look out for in the new year:

Espresso Martinis And Coffee Cocktails

According to VinePair, over the last few years, there has been a major hike in the number of coffee infused spirits and that trend is only likely to grow over the new year. Along with the popularity of coffee inspired concoctions like the espresso martini, numerous bars and brands will be coming up with other recipes as well which either use coffee or boast of coffee flavoured liquors in modern cocktails mixes. Don’t bid farewell to coffee cocktails just yet, this is a trend that is likely to witness an uptick in 2024.

Negronis And Tropical Cocktails

Another cocktail variant that will make a starry appearance in the new year is all sorts of tropical mixes from negronis to daiquiris to mai tais and piña coladas. Beloved tropical classics will make a stunning comeback this year and coupled with some fruity and more complex builds, they will take on a new avatar that is absolutely appealing. Across the world, bartenders are experimenting with classic tropical and tiki cocktail recipes infused with rum and tequila, and this trend will only grow in the new year.

Paloma And Tequila Cocktails

Tequila has been quite popular in certain parts of the world but now it is time for the spirit to take on unexplored territories through modern, inspired cocktail mixes. Something like a paloma will be rediscovered with ample amounts of grapefruit juice thrown into classic cocktail blends. In Europe, tequila might make a welcome appearance and highballs with this spirit will be found in abundance.

Low And No Alcohol Cocktails

Moderation is key for many wellness enthusiasts and this emerging trend will be reflected in drinking patterns. Many aficionados fond of a good spirit are opting for low-ABV cocktails as well as non-alcoholic craft drinks. This means that cocktails containing vermouth, amaro, sherry will be the new trend with lots of creative options in store for those who want to keep their alcohol intake limited.

Savoury And Pickled Cocktails

Bartenders will be incorporating more savoury notes into their drinks which transcend the bloody mary or dirty martini, according to MarthaStewart.com. This translates into them making use of sesame, pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms and broths into cocktail concoctions. Hop on this trend in 2024 to taste some really complex and layered mixes if you are curious about exploring umami and saline flavours in your spirits.

Adventurous Floral And Fruit Cocktails

One more interesting trend coming up in mixology cultures is the inclusion of complex floral and fruity ingredients to create elevations of classic and contemporary cocktails. MarthaStewart.com draws attention to flavours like lavender, hibiscus, yuzu and tamarind which will figure prominently in cocktail mixes that will become popular in 2024. From botanical extracts to sustainably sourced aromatics, there’s tons of trendy adventurous flavours for you to choose from next time you head to a cocktail bar.


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