Our Wishlist for Nachos Flavours In Spirit Form

nachos flavours

We’re introducing you to an unlikely duo that's about to become your new favourite pair: nachos and cocktails. Make no mistake, we aren’t talking about the popular party combo, but the idea of nacho-inspired drinks. From the gooey goodness of cheese to the fiery kiss of jalapeños, let's get creative and pour these classic flavours into some seriously fun cocktails.
Here is a menu of nacho-inspired cocktails that are as quirky as they are delicious:

The Cheesy Maverick

Who doesn’t love the comforting taste of melty cheese on nachos? Let's capture that in The Cheesy Maverick. Mix 50 ml Ciroc Vodka with a splash of a cheesy, creamy liqueur. Add a couple of drops of hot sauce for a tiny but mighty kick. Shake it up, strain into a chilled glass, and float a small, thin slice of your favourite cheese on top. Unexpectedly cheesy, this cocktail is sure to make heads turn at any party.

The Jalapeño Pop

For those who live for a bit of heat, the Jalapeño Pop is your cocktail. Muddle a slice or two of jalapeño (seeds in or out, up to you and your stomach) with 50 ml of Don Julio Respado. Add a splash of lime to cut through the heat. Shake that fiery mix with ice and strain into a glass rimmed with salt and chilli powder. Equal parts spicy and refreshing, it's got just enough oomph to keep you coming back for more.

tomato nachos

Tomato Tango

Salsa lovers, this one’s for you: The Tomato Tango. Blend up some juicy tomatoes with a whisper of onion and a hint of cilantro, then strain to get a smooth, salsa-like juice. Combine this with 50 ml Tanqueray London Dry, a dash of lime, and about 5 ml of simple syrup. Shake it up and pour it into a glass garnished with a lime wheel. Do not be surprised if you break into salsa after getting a taste of this lively, tangy, and irresistible cocktail.

Guac ‘n’ Roll

When there’s chips, you can never forget the guac. For Guac ‘n’ Roll, let’s seek inspiration in the velvety texture of avocado. Mash up some ripe avocado and add it to 50 ml Gordon's London Dry Gin; its herbal notes are a match made in heaven for avocado. A squeeze of lime, a splash of agave syrup, topped off with Black and White ginger ale, and you’re in business. Stir it gently, pour it over ice, and say hello to a textural delight.

The Mocko Nacho

For a booze-free treat, let’s whip up the Mocko Nacho. Start with 50 ml of tomato juice, add a dash of lime, 50 ml of orange juice, and a few shakes of hot sauce for that classic nacho heat. Top it off with Smirnoff Lemon Pop for some bubbly fun. A cocktail that brings the party, but none of the boozy aftermath? Check.

Whether you're hosting a party or just feeling adventurous in your home bar, these drinks are a surefire way to add some quirk to your cocktail crafting.

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