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Pair The Lip Smacking Flavours Of Kathi Rolls With These 6 Mocktails

chicken kathi roll with chhaas

If you want to trace the history of kathi roll, one of the most popular street foods across India, look no further than the culturally vibrant city of Kolkata where a street vendor is said to have come up with this delicious dish to feed hungry people, on-the-go. Kathi rolls, full of the meaty goodness of chicken or mutton kebabs wrapped in flatbread and served with mint chutney derive their name from the kathi, or the skewer which was used to cook these delicious meats. Today, the roll itself has gone through numerous reinventions and many vegetarian options have been incorporated in traditional recipes along with a choice to switch from a maida to a whole wheat flatbread.

The kathi roll is filled with lots of Indian spices and masalas which elevate its flavour and pack it with a bit of heat. These rolls can be paired with some really tasty mocktails, or non-alcoholic concoctions which would balance the spiciness of the roll, tame the heat and make for a complete meal enjoyed as a late afternoon snack or high tea.

Read on below to know more about some kathi roll and mocktail pairings that you can incorporate in your next home hosting endeavour:

Egg Kathi Roll And Iced Mint Tea

Generally, egg kathi roll is made from masala fried eggs that are stuffed into a flatbread with onions and spicy sauces which complement the creamy notes of the protein. You can pair this simple roll with iced mint tea whose freshness will counteract the robust flavours of the spices in the dish, leaving your palate feeling refreshed and cool.

Paneer Kathi Roll And Pomegranate Rose Sparkler

A paneer kathi roll can be made by putting together chunks of paneer either done-up tandoori tikka style or tossed in a pan to make them slightly crispy. The kathi roll contains fat chunks of this cottage cheese marinated in garam masala, curd and chilli powder, wrapped in flatbread and a layer of omelette. Pair this with a sweet pomegranate and rose sparkler whose decadent aromas and syrupy notes will elevate your meal to a new level of luxe.

paneer kathi roll

Chicken Kathi Roll And Masala Chaas

Masala chaas is the perfect quencher to chug when you have eaten a particularly spicy feast. A chicken kathi roll complete with pieces of well-cooked meat coated in green or red curry paste and other assorted masalas makes for a really spicy snack. Accompanied with crispy onions and mint chutney, a chicken kathi roll is as delicious as it is sumptuous. Pair it with a glass of chilled masala chaas to tone down the fatty and spicy intensity of the flatbread roll.

Veggie Roll And Apple Ginger Sparkler

Kathi rolls are a delight for vegetarians too, because newer inventions of this snack have meant introducing corn, mushrooms, cheese and mixed veggies into the recipes used to make spicy and tasty veg rolls. These alternatives can be complemented by an apple ginger sparkler containing lots of shaved ginger or tiny ginger slices which pack the drink with a zesty punch.

Fish Kathi Roll And Lemon Soda

A roll made from soft, tender, grilled or tandoori fish coated in mint or a turmeric and lemon marinade can be enjoyed with nothing but a lemon soda. The carbonated drink gulped down with the flavours of the fish and the chewy texture of the flatbread helps to tie these varied textures together to make for a refreshing and wholesome meal.

Mutton Kheema Roll And Watermelon Cooler

Mutton kheema is irresistible in itself and when wrapped in a kathi roll, it is simply a delectable snack that cannot be escaped. The intense heat of the hot roll will be nicely counteracted by a watermelon cooler made from the freshest watermelon juice, tons of ice and a hint of sugar. Garnish the drink with mint leaves for a dash of freshness.

Watermelon Mojito