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These Whisky & Food Pairings Are The Best Bet At Wedding Banquets

Pair These Gourmet Foods With Premium Whiskies During Wedding Season

During wedding season, there are many festivities to plan and many events to attend out of which some are those gatherings where you would want to serve a fine dining spread. This could be an intimate rehearsal dinner or a pre-wedding shower or breakfast where limited guests are going to gather around to toast to the happy couple. If you want to splurge just a tad on the food and drink offerings at these events, you can make the meal into a whisky and fine foods extravaganza where attendees gorge on some of the most premium cheeses and hams found on your charcuterie board while sipping on a premium single malt.

For those couples who are bonafide foodies, gourmet offerings would spell indulgence and luxury that they can savour while celebrating their special day. Whisky, known for its intense, slightly smoky, bitter yet citrus and spicy profile promises to be an elegant drink which provides this sophisticated finish to any luxe evening. Coupled with gourmet recipes made from fine ingredients, crafted with exceptional detail, you can enjoy a very refined tasting experience with such a pairing.

Read on below to know more about how you can pair whisky and gourmet foods during wedding season:

Smoked Salmon And Scotch Whisky

When you plan a wedding menu, smoked salmon would figure prominently as an elegant choice accompanied by some fresh salad and a bit of dip that would introduce subtle flavour notes into the dish. You can also add some tossed asparagus as a delightful green onto this plate and pair your salmon with a stunning Scotch whisky whose peaty notes will enhance the overall salty and tangy profile of this dish. Go for a classic Johnnie Walker Black Label enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of aqua.

Pair These Gourmet Foods With Premium Whiskies During Wedding Season

Blue Cheese And Single Malt

If you are hosting a wedding brunch, you can well organise a soft cheese or gourmet cheese station and offer your guests a range of fromages like brie, camembert and roquefort savoured with some crisps. One such cheese that goes well with a single malt is blue cheese whose sharp taste will be balanced out by the slightly smoky and peaty notes of a premium Black and White.

Oysters And Whisky

Shuck oysters and enjoy them with lots of crackers and an elegant dip made using lime juice. You can enjoy this utterly luxurious delicacy during a sophisticated dinner where you assemble to celebrate the collective joy of the couple. Pair oysters with a quality liquor like a Signature Premium Grain Whisky whose slight fruity tinge and a hint of maltiness would accompany the sweet and sleek textures of the premium seafood.

Charcuterie And Singleton Of Glendullan

Full of hams, prosciutto, figs, cheeses and some grapes, charcuterie boards are sophisticated offerings at any rehearsal dinner or wedding brunch you decide to host. With gourmet ingredients like premium cheeses and finely cured ham you can turn this board into a very luxurious plated affair that can pair well with a Singleton malt whisky whose sweet, citrusy notes manage to undercut the hint of heaviness and creamy qualities oozing out of the charcuterie board.

Pair These Gourmet Foods With Premium Whiskies During Wedding Season

Vindaloo Curry And Rye Whisky

A spicy offering that goes well with rice, vindaloo curry is a Goan dish often made during celebratory affairs. It requires you to bring together lots of heat-packed spices like cumin, mustard, turmeric and paprika, all of which are whipped into a smooth gravy relished with warm rice. Pair this spicy and rather luxurious curry with a Canadian rye whisky that carries some sweet notes which tone down the heat in this dish.

Caramelised Pear Tart And Bourbon

Whisky and its smoky, bitter, intense flavour profile pairs splendidly with lots of desserts made from dark chocolate or cream. Yet, where it shines most is in its marriage with caramelised dessert offerings like a pear tart whose sweet, juicy, slightly bitter and sour flavour notes go well with the complex and layered sweetness of a quality bourbon.


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