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Pair Your Christmas Brunch With 6 Don Julio Tequila Cocktails

don julio christmas cocktails

A Christmas brunch will be a lazy affair. After the first excitement of opening gifts and discovering presents has subsided, you will go on to fry some eggs paired with fresh fruits and bacon, as well as Christmas cakes and puddings. Accompany this sumptuous festive spread with a batch of a lip-smacking cocktail for a pleasurable holiday buzz.

Tequila is a very versatile spirit and has many more merits than adorning a shot glass. You can make delicious cocktails out of this to jazz up any brunch gathering. Some of these drinks are inspired by the holiday fervour and include mixing the spirit with festive ingredients like eggnog and spices.

Grab a bottle of premium Don Julio Blanco or Rosado replete with peppery yet sweet and fruity notes to mix with spritzers and ciders for making cocktails on Christmas morning.

Read on below for some Don Julio cocktail ideas to pair with your Christmas brunch:

Don Julio Eggnog

To enjoy the quintessential Christmas feel, prepare this cocktail with premium Don Julio Añejo Tequila, a generous helping of eggnog and sugar syrup with a nutmeg garnish for a slightly aromatic touch. The nutmeg will bring out the smoky notes of bourbon or whisky in the eggnog and the syrup will add a touch of goodness.

Don Julio Peppermint Chocolate Martini

This is a delectable spin on the classic cocktail, with inclusions of divine peppermint and chocolate for sheer holiday feels. Slightly sweeter in flavour and dense in texture, the martini made from peppermint schnapps, cacao crème and Don Julio Blanco is a mouthwatering treat. You can rim martini glasses with crushed candy canes for a hint of sweet and sour tastes.

Spiced Apple Don Julio Fizz

At a Christmas brunch for a big gathering, prepare a batch of spiced apple fizz and loads of tequila that can be paired with dense, gooey gingerbread. You can stir the cocktail using a fruity Don Julio Reposado along with apple cider and club soda. Add cinnamon powder or garnish with a cinnamon stick to elevate the flavour profile. Shake the spirit well to make sure the cinnamon spreads evenly.

Don Julio Limonada

Give lemonade a tad dirty spin by adding a bit of Don Julio agave tequila to the traditional recipe. Use Blanco tequila and club soda with mint garnish for freshness. Top this simple but elegant cocktail with a Lemonade popsicle. Muddle the ingredients first, add the popsicle to a glass next and then pour the drink, lest it spill over!

Cranberry And Ginger Don Julio Mule

A Christmast-y twist on the classic Moscow Mule, swap out the vodka with a Don Julio Blanco to make this mouthwatering concoction. With this holiday spin on the favoured cocktail, you can add cranberry juice and a rosemary sprig to the traditional ginger beer for a festive feel.

Don Julio Christmas Punch

Make a Christmas punch with a tequila infusion to serve on Christmas morning. Add classic punch ingredients along with Reposado Tequila, citruses like oranges and pomegranates and honey for a bit of sweet, sticky texture. Garnish with cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg.

Don Julio Classic Paloma

For making a classic paloma, use the Blanco tequila and shake it with grapefruit juice, lime juice and nectar. You will also need a splash of club soda to infuse this drink with fizz. Pour the drink over ice in a classic Collins glass set at the brunch table.

Sipping on a Don Julio tequila cocktail on Christmas morning would mean enjoying the holiday fervour as you savour a delicious brunch. Try out some of these spirited tequila treats to jazz up your brunch on the festive day.


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