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Best Drinks To Have With Taste Atlas’ Best Of Indian Cuisine List: Part - 10

indian cuisine with drinks

Indian cuisine is a vibrant mix of a lot of diverse ingredients and flavours that come together to produce some really exciting dishes. From sweet and spicy to umami and tangy, the sheer range of taste and textures that make up the cuisine of this subcontinent is absolutely marvellous. There are a number of dishes like the dal makhani, butter chicken and naan which have become famous the world over for their distinct taste and recipes that have been passed on through generations.

Taste Atlas has curated an extensive list of some of the best dishes that are part of Indian cuisine. And each of these numbers can be paired really well with lots of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks when you sit down for your meal. 

We have curated a series of essays for you which recommend the best drink to have with all the items on this list.

The ten-part series draws to a close by highlighting the cocktails and mocktails you can pair with recipes like masala papad, baingan bharta, bisi bele bath and more!

whisky smash with masala papad

Masala Papad And Whisky Smash

One of the most favoured bar bites across the Indian subcontinent is a fried masala papad topped with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and an assortment of spices like chillies, pepper and chaat masala. While masala papad is the perfect accompaniment for many cocktails, a serving suggestion would be to enjoy it with a whisky smash containing the intensity of bourbon and the freshness of a mint leaf garnish.

vodka martini with murukku

Murukku And Vodka Martini

A popular Indian crisp which works splendidly as a bar bite, murukku is a spiral shaped snack flavoured with cumin, chillies and onion powder. You can pair this crispy dish made with tons of regional variations with a vodka martini full of the complex notes of olive brine and dry vermouth. The spicy crisp pairs well with the slightly bitter texture of a classic vodka cocktail.

affogato with chikki

Chikki And Rum Affogato

An affogato is traditionally a cocktail made out of an espresso shot, a bit of ice cream and a splash of rum or liqueurs like amaretto. This would be an interesting drink to sip on while chewing on a crunchy and sweet chikki made out of groundnuts and jaggery.

appletini with upma

Upma And Appletini

A breakfast staple in several parts of the Indian subcontinent, upma is made from dry semolina that is cooked in a tempering of curry leaves, red chillies, cumin and turmeric to enhance its flavour. Pair this dish often made by adding veggies and beans with an appletini whose slightly sweet and citrusy notes make it an inviting drink to sip on with this classic preparation.

bourbon mojito with eggplant

Baingan Bharta And Bourbon Mojito

The smokiness of baingan cooked in a tempering of mustard and onions is what makes the baingan bharta stand out as one of the most popular savoury dishes in Indian cuisine. A perfect accompaniment for this dish enjoyed with warm wheat roti would be the bourbon mojito whose smoky and intense notes match the nuanced flavour components of the bharta.

iced coffee with dosa

Neer Dosa And Cold Coffee

An Indian version of a crêpe, the neer dosa is a thin and lacy pancake with very subtle flavours that is savoured with coconut milk or chutney. You can enjoy this southern Indian staple dish with a thick cold coffee full of the bitter notes of aromatic coffee beans and the decadent textures of thick, creamy milk.

gimlet with aloo methi

Aloo Methi And Basil Gimlet

Made from simple ingredients like gin and lime juice, a gimlet is a classic recipe that celebrates the botanical flavours of the quality spirit. Infuse it with basil to intensify this botanical finish that would pair really well with aloo methi, a traditional dish made from bitter fenugreek and boiled potatoes. The dish is best had warm with chutney and roti, and would make for a full meal when coupled with a gimlet.

apricot flip with bise bele bhat

Bise bele bath And Apricot Flip

A hot lentil rice carrying the aromas of delicious sambar and the comfort of warm rice, bise bele bath is infused with lots of ingredients like veggies, cashews, dried coconut and mustard. You can pair this flavourful dish with a sweet apricot flip made from quality cognac and apricot liqueur. With this, you can enjoy a comforting dinner and nightcap together, in perfect harmony.

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