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Party Planning Play Classic Games with an Alcoholic Twist

tipsy twister cover

If you're bored of the old classic games and want a twist for your next house party, keep reading. While party planning, consider adding a bit of spirit to your games- literally. Merge your classic games with some easy and popular cocktails that you can make in your home bar.

Level Up Your House Party with Cocktails

Let’s add a twist to normal classic games by organizing a tipsy twister. Merge your favourite games with some of your favourite bar drinks, and make it a tipsy twister. Turn your night out with friends into a memorable, laughter-filled experience. 

1. Choose your games

This is the first step of the tipsy twister. You need to choose a game that can elevate your and your party's mood. You can choose any one of your favourite classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Charades. 

Introduce a little bit of alcohol in the rules. It's a game-changer. Don’t select a complex game. The players should be able to accommodate the alcohol without disrupting the flow of the game.

2. Establishing the game rules

Drinking Rules
This is the most important step of the tipsy twister. The game won’t lift up the mood of the party if the rules aren't interesting. Say, for example, in Monopoly, one can take a sip if they pass a go or take a shot if someone lands on your property.

Make creative rules so that the fun of the party is not disrupted. Make sure that you and your party drink responsibly and within your limits. 

3. Create a signature cocktail

To make your party more enthusiastic, you can add a signature drink or add a themed drink at your party. This small change can increase the levels of party excitement.

4. Prepare Game Snacks

Game Snacks
You can add more fun to your game by preparing some game snacks for the players. You can make a variety of delicious game snacks that are easy to have while playing. Make it handy and simple, like popcorn, chips and mini sandwiches. You can consider adding some alcohol-infused snacks like beer-infused pretzels or vodka-spiked gummy bears for a juicy twist.

5. Create a pool prize

Make your game fierce and competitive by including a pool prize for each winner in your game. Don’t spend too much on prizes. Keep them small, like drinking accessories like shot glasses or cocktail glassware. This can turn the stakes high and make the evening more exciting and competitive.

6. Set the mood

Set the mood of the night with some themed decorations. Visually appealing and themed decorations can instantly lift the spirit of the party. Colourful tablecloths, game-themed banners, and custom drink coasters with game-related designs can make everyone feel more engaged and more excited about the games. 

To Sum Up
You can create a budget-friendly party environment any time at your home by choosing your game, establishing the game rules, creating a signature mocktail and pool prize and setting the mood. Enjoy the party with friends with a tipsy twister anytime you want to lift your spirits high. 
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