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Planning A Gaming-Themed Home Bar? Here Are Some Decor And Drinks Ideas

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Combine your passion for gaming and appreciation for good liquor by creating a gaming-themed home bar! If you have a little space in your house or an entire room available to turn into a home bar, why not turn it into a gaming-cum-bar room? Using DIY methods won't burn a hole in your wallet. You can create furniture from existing shelves, cabinets and tables. All you need to invest is a screen, a gaming console and a few decorative items.

Upcycling Preloved Furniture

If you have a little space near your entertaining room or drawing room, you can use it to create a gaming-themed home bar. Use the idle wall to create a floating shelf or a see-through cabinet. First line the wall vertically with wooden planks, so that the area is distinct from the rest of the room. Add a shelf or a see-through cabinet where you can display your liquor collection. Decorate it with cool gaming paraphernalia along with some other showpieces. This establishes the theme of your home bar.

game parties

If you have an entire room to create your home bar, you can refurbish preloved tables and cabinets to create a bar cabinet or a bar shelf. Add a table where you can mix your drinks and couple it with bar stools or tall chairs. Stuff your favourite liquor in the bar cabinet/shelf, store bar equipment, mixers et al so that your bartending and drinking space is set perfectly. 

You can have a customised cocktail menu for your home bar when you entertain guests. You can have a vodka-based drink named Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, a gin-based Shirley Templar from Assassin's Creed, an amaretto-infused cocktail based on Minecraft called Dirt Block or Bailey's cocktail named Call Of Duty. Make a whisky-liqueur-based drink based on one of the world's most popular games, Street Fighter. You can also create a gin-based cocktail named after the very successful Resident Evil or a vodka cocktail called Pacman.

Infusing The Gaming Theme

Decorate the space with neon shelves, neon lights, video game paraphernalia, and art related to your favourite gaming characters etc. Install a large screen monitor in the room and set up your console game. If you are a big-time gaming enthusiast, get vintage gaming cassettes, make a collection and show it off using a shelf. You can also add a couch or comfy chairs for your guests to relax. Add another table, a shuffleboard table which takes less space, and set up games such as jenga, poker, scrabble darts etc. Your gaming-theme home bar is ready!

game parties

If you have a little more room, you can add an arcade game too. You can get a wall painted with gaming-inspired murals. Add LED lights which are colourful and give an impression of gaming keyboards. And finally, invite your friends over! 

While it's great to learn about alcoholic beverages and alcohol-infused foods, it is important to also consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.

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