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Redefine Your Cocktail Hour With 5 Singleton Plus Two Recipes

singleton cocktail recipes

To redefine cocktail hour, curators of The Singleton 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch are exploring newer and inventive ways to mix whisky with fizzy ingredients for a modern take to the luxe spirit. Mixology experts have devised the Singleton Plus Two method as a creative way for shaking up whisky cocktails that can be curated to suit the preferences of a bonafide connoisseur.

The Plus Two method is rather simple. It involves pouring equal proportions of a still and sparkling mixer into a glass along with the same proportion of whisky to develop a refreshing and vibrant cocktail. So, you would need 50 ml Singleton whisky, 50 ml ginger beer and 50 ml pineapple juice to make The Aloha.

This dynamic spin on curating whisky cocktails is inspired by a process of thinking differently about this spirit to lift it out of its reputation as a drink reserved for a ‘gentleman only’ circle and drop it into a spinning world of mixology. There are fewer rules involved in making a Plus Two and the results are absolutely mouthwatering.

While the Plus Two method essentially encourages you to experiment with different flavours and arrive at a concoction you favour most, here are a few recipes and combinations to make a Singleton Plus Two cocktail, just to get you started.

The Aloha

Put a Hawaiian spin on your whisky cocktail when you next host a tiki party or an island-theme gala by mixing The Aloha. You can serve it in a tiki glass or a coconut shell for the essential island feel. Here’s the recipe:


50 ml Singleton Whisky

50 ml pineapple juice

50 ml ginger beer


1. Pour the whisky and pineapple juice in a shaker and blend well. 

2. In a glass, build these ingredients for the Plus Two Aloha by pouring the blend over ice and ginger beer.

The Mojo

Spaniards know their spirits all too well, and you can find inspiration in their cocktails to create your variant of the mojo. Swap the rum and instead go for a delectable single malt. Here’s how:


50 ml Singleton Whisky

50 ml Coca Cola

50 ml red wine


1. Choose a quality red wine and blend it with the Singleton malt in equal proportions.

2. In a glass, drop quality ice cubes and pour cola over it before adding the whisky and wine blend. Garnish with a lemon peel.

The Tropical Plus Two

On a warm summer afternoon, you can sip on this sweet and fizzy cocktail while devouring a sumptuous lunch to beat the rising heat. Find out below a simple recipe to make The Tropical:


50 ml Singleton Whisky

50 ml guava juice

50 ml grapefruit soda


1. Blend the whisky and guava juice first before adding it to a glass with ice cubes and grapefruit fizz.

2. Garnish with mint for a blast of freshness.

The Riverside

Try out this one for a quick and easy Plus Two blend that makes for a rather delightful little combination of ingredients. Here’s how you can go about making this absolute winner:


50 ml Singleton Whisky

50 ml cold green tea

50 ml sparkling ginger ale


1. Brew the green tea and set it aside to cool.

2. Blend whisky and the green tea before topping off a glass containing ice and ginger ale. Garnish with a ginger peel.

The Orchard Plus Two

For a rather sweet and fruity finish which nicely complements the nectar-like and smoky notes of the Singleton, check out The Orchard mix. Here’s how to make it at home:


50 ml Singleton Whisky

50 ml apple or pear juice

50 ml soda water


1. Blend whisky and apple juice.

2. Build the ingredients over ice in a midball glass. Garnish with apple or pear slices for a fruity mix.

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