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Revel In The Joy Of These Rum Festivals Celebrated Around The World

rum fests around the globe

With origins in the Caribbean islands, rum is an intense, bitter and robust spirit, known for its distinct and complex flavour profile. Be it white rum or the darker variations like spiced rum, it is a very malleable spirit often used to craft cocktails. Some rum concoctions, from a daiquiri to a mojito, are absolute favourites and have become quite popular as the most sought after drinks at any cocktail bar. In fact, from pirates to privateers, rum has been a favoured spirit since centuries.

It is only evident then that the drink is celebrated across the globe for its stunning flavours, its production processes and the many variations that make for an array of delightful spins on the classic liquor. Rum festivals are a part of this celebratory tradition which revel in discussions around the process of crafting the spirit, offer tastings of different varieties and bring together rum enthusiasts for spirited sessions in mixology.

Here are some popular rum festivals you can check out if you too, are fond of this spirit and the conversations around its history, origin and contemporary usage in mixology:

Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

If you are a true connoisseur of the spirit, you have probably heard of what is one of the largest global rum congresses in the world. This festival is attended by aficionados across the globe and features a huge collection of the spirit produced in different countries. Tons of tastings and seminars abound at this festival, attended by hundreds. It also features a mixology contest for anyone wishing to take on some serious experts to come out on top as a proficient mixologist.

Rum Renaissance And Caribbean Cruise

With origins along the Caribbean shores, it is only evident that this region will celebrate the potent liquid that has been a favoured drink through centuries on the tropical islands. The renaissance cruise is basically a one-stop destination for anyone eager to take a voyage through the Caribbean to enjoy the magnificent views with a swig of rum. The festival does offer seminars and tastings but the highlight remains this star cruise on which participants can really revel in the experience of drinking this spirit while on the high seas like a pirate!

rum fests

RumFest London

One of the largest rum festivals hosted across Europe, this is the place to be for all those interested in knowing more about the making of the spirit and several rum variations produced across the world. Here, participants can taste a wide array of rums while also becoming part of seminars and mixology competitions. The event stands out for its masterclasses and shows and features over 400 different rum varieties—a sheer joy for the true aficionado. Be sure to taste sparingly, lest you get buzzed!

rum fests around the world

International Rum Conference

As the name suggests, this is a coming together of rum lovers and rum makers to converse and debate about the production processes and fermentation techniques utilised to make this classic spirit. There are also tons of presentations and tastings involved at this event which is essentially a space to dive deep into the global rum industry, understand its operations and map a dynamic future for the spirit.

Berlin Rum Festival

One of the most celebrated rum festivals around the world, this event offers tastings and discussions but also a lot of masterclasses where participants can learn a thing or two about the flavour profiles of the spirit and the ways in which it can be utilised to make delicious cocktails. There’s also a culinary pairing segment which involves knowing more about which foods can be paired with the spirit while planning your home hosting events.

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