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Romance Novels That Are A Perfect Marriage With Your Favourite Cocktails

red cocktail with book

When it’s a love story, you say yes, as Taylor Swift has rightly said. And when it comes to marrying your favourite cocktail with a really good novel, it’s a double affirmative. Cocktails are a delightful mix of a spirit or two and few mixers blended together to achieve a combination of flavours that enliven your taste buds. Add to that the experience of reading a beautiful love story and you will be transported from your immediate surroundings into the world crafted by the author, with a light buzz.

Pick up a Mills & Boon romance set in the Italian riviera and you would want to sip on a delectable grape as you indulge in the passionate love story. It’s the same with so many other romances, and they would really go well with your favoured classic cocktails. So, we have curated a list of iconic cocktails you might enjoy and have paired these with some sweet, others profoundly thought provoking romances, a combination to seduce your senses. 

Book Lovers And Dry Martini

You know you are about to dive into a good book when it is about a character who loves books! Emily Henry’s novel focuses on the fierce and ambitious literary agent, Nora, who visits a small town for a summer away from the city, where she meets the broody book editor, Charlie. You can pair their cutting words and arguments that morph into a romance with a dry martini made using premium Gordon’s London Dry Gin. Nora’s passion for books would form the perfect love tie with a dry martini full of the intensity of olive brine and the bitterness of a dry vermouth.

Kiss Me, Catalina And Margarita 

In this rather seductive novel you would meet Cat and fellow mariachi Patricio Galán and the sparks that fly when they hit the road together. Full of the drama of passionate Latinos falling in love, you can pair this irresistible love story with an equally favoured cocktail, a stunning margarita. Infuse the classic recipe with strawberry for a lovey dovey spin on the cocktail made using a delicious Don Julio Blanco.

margarita and a book

The Flatshare And Hot Toddy

Beth O’Leary’s adorable love story would make you fall in love with modern day letter writing: messages left on sticky notes. Two strangers share an apartment without ever meeting each other and form a beautiful friendship that paves the way for lasting romance. You can pair this comfy novel, the perfect winter day read, with a warm glass of hot toddy exuding the healing properties of spices and a quality brandy.

An Extraordinary Union And Whisky Sour

This cocktail made from quality whisky, tangy lime juice and frothy egg whites is perfectly paired with Alyssa Cole’s love story unfolding between two secret agents during the American Civil War. Much like the bold but tangy cocktail, the story too, explores the power imbalances between the protagonists as they navigate the labyrinths of forbidden love in a war torn country.

whisky and a book

Outlander And Rob Roy

If you are fond of a good fantasy, you have definitely heard of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon about a combat nurse during World War II who travels back in time and finds true love in centuries past. Pair this outlandish story with Rob Roy, a cocktail that is a twist on a classic Manhattan and replaces the bourbon with Scottish whisky. The story is set in the Highlands, so you can enjoy the flavours of a Johnnie Walker Black Label while reading about the protagonist’s adventures in Scotland.

Pride And Prejudice And Regent’s Punch

Either you read Jane Austen’s classic and began to savour a Regent’s Punch or you picked up a cup of this fruity, tea infused concoction and were transported to 19th century English society, which forms the setting of this immortal love story. The novel has contributed to the literary world the drool worthy hero Mr. Darcy and the curiously intelligent Elizabeth Bennett along with its witty commentary on marriage-obsessed English society. Pair this enduring novel with the favoured Regent’s Punch made from citrus fruits, spices and dark rum for a feel of old England.