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Sipping On A Rome With A View? Pair These Italian Appetisers With It

‘Rome With A View’ Cocktail And It’s Six Perfect Food Companions 

EM Forster’s short story made us fall in love with love, and James Ivory’s movie made us fall in love with the idea of falling in love in the city of Rome! As complicated as it sounds, this is actually quite simple—Forster’s A Room With A View and the spectacular movie adaptation which describe a beautiful love story that blooms in the piazzas of Rome was enough to make us drool over this famed Italian city and the prospect of finding romance while sipping on fine Italian wine. What sounds like a fun take on this famous story, Rome With A View is a cocktail that is just as romantic and decadent.

Made from red bitter liqueur and dry vermouth accompanied by a splash of lime juice and soda water, the drink carries a lot of herbal, bittersweet notes and a zesty freshness coupled with a very effervescent finish. It is the perfect aperitivo to enjoy on leisurely spring evenings, sitting out on your patio watching the sun dip behind the clouds as a purple dusk sets in. And you can pair this drink with some classic Italian foods that would give your cocktail evening a very elegant touch.

Read on below to know more about the ways different culinary preparations can romance with your Room With A View mix:

Prosciutto And Asparagus Crostini

The perfect food pairing with an aperitivo is cured meats whose salty, chewy profile nicely compliments the fresh flavours of your pre dinner drink. You can prepare crostini using sliced baguette or sourdough and layer it with ricotta, prosciutto and asparagus. Charring the bread a bit before adding on the toppings gives it a smokiness that quite pleasantly pairs with the sweet and bitter cocktail. 

‘Rome With A View’ Cocktail And It’s Six Perfect Food Companions 

Tramezzini Finger Sandwiches

A bread dish made from tramezzini or a soft, milk-based bread, these finger sandwiches are ideal for an early evening snack. The small, crustless, bite-sized pieces can be stuffed with tuna, capers, hard-boiled eggs or radicchio for a timeless sandwich that can be popped into your mouth. Finger sandwiches made from fresh stuffings brighten your palate just as the aperitivo lights it up with vibrant flavours of grenadine and red liqueur. You can prepare these finger sandwiches very easily at home and bake the bread in your oven too, if you are an enthusiast.

Prawn Sliders With Lemon Aioli

One of the freshest dishes you can prepare to serve with your Room With A View cocktail is the prawn sliders full of the sweet flavours of the crustacean. The lemon aioli is a tangy sauce that goes well with seafood and its zest matches the lip smacking notes of lime juice present in the cocktail concoction. The mildly seasoned sliders celebrate the herby flavour profile of the drink by bringing out all its freshness without overpowering your taste buds.

Antipasto Platter

An Italian classic, the antipasto platter is a very interesting pairing for your refreshing cocktail. It is full of a variety of cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino Romano and even some aged gouda that have very robust flavours which manage to act as clever palate cleansers. You can add roasted peppers, olives and some artichokes to the antipasto platter to imbue it with lots of elegant but intense flavours.

Eggplant Frittata 

Make a frittata with eggplant and zucchini or greens like baby spinach to craft an appetiser that is flavourful and fun. You can circulate mini frittatas among your guests as a quick bite when you host a cocktail evening and decide to serve the blend as your signature drink. The dish is packed with lots of flavours that compliment the lightness of the cocktail.

‘Rome With A View’ Cocktail And It’s Six Perfect Food Companions 

Seafood Risotto 

Look no further than a seafood risotto when you want to serve something a tad bit sumptuous with your aperitivo. The Room With A View cocktail is an ode to the Italian city and there is no better dish than the creamy risotto full of the indulgent goodness of fish stock, white wine, arborio rice as well as the sweet flavours of shrimps and scallops to bring these regional delicacies onto your patio.


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